How Pathetic

Articles on ECE and ECE2 Theories

June 6, 2016

Prof. Carlos Nunez,
Department of Physics,
University College Swansea,

Dear Prof. Nunez,

Glad to make your acquaintance. These articles are all available open source on with the exception of M. W. Evans and A. A. Hasanein, “The Photomagneton in Quantum Field Theory” (World Scientific 1994). They are either in the UFT section or the Omnia Opera section, where articles can be accessed by hyperlink. Alex Hill ( has translated many articles, essays and books into Spanish. I have published about 1,900 articles and books, essays, broadcasts and so on in all. These are all on and The ECE / ECE2 unified field theories are based on Cartan geometry and they are studied open source and continuously in the best universities in the world.”

Ron is so used to being contacted only by loony-tunes that, when he hears from a proper physicist (albeit a theoretical one), he wags his tail like a little puppy. He does not even care that Nunez is one of those hated CERN-type people who deal in string theory and ‘non-existent’ particles. But who knows. Perhaps Nunez is one of those academics who are so open-minded that people can put anything into it; like fly-tippers confronted with an unattended skip. Nevertheless, what will Nunez think of Ron’s opinion of ‘everything Higgs’, having written papers such as:


One Response to “How Pathetic”

  1. Harry Hab Says:

    Let’s reserve judgment on CN – I reckon Ron has sauntered down to campus & plastered the Swansea physics dpt with leaflets that trumpet his exceptional position as Physicist Laureate (as it were) and make grandiose claims for ECE. I assume that CN’s interest was piqued.

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