Elimination of Artifact

June 7, 2016

This is a sensible note of caution by Simon Clifford. What I mean by networking is essentially the elimination of artifact prior to patenting. I assume that all these possible sources of artifact have been considered and eliminated. I know that the circuit in UFT311 has been replicated both by the Munich group and another worker in Japan. Has Simon Clifford attempted to replicate the circuit in UFT311? As many Fellows as possible should attempt replication.”

This is big news for the primitive species known as AIAS: one of its appendages is showing sign of developing a brain! Of course, we have been saying for years that incompetent or deliberate mismeasurement is behind all of the ‘free energy’ (perpetual-motion) schemes. It is no accident that most of the  ‘stars’ in that field are/were electrical engineers and …. naturally … Tesla is their god. 


2 Responses to “Evolution”

  1. Insider Says:

    As usual with these people, moron is clueless about engineering (can’t even spot the most basic omissions from the papers which, presumably means his Japanese mate can continue to con the clueless). His tame engineer stumbles across embarrassingly glaring inconsistencies, but is still woefully blind, and the rest of the Loony Tunes brigade keep stumm. Whether out of fear of their lord and master, or because they’re clueless is anyone’s guess.
    We should be encouraged that just one of Morons “inner circle” is showing doubts and criticising. He’ll soon be for the chop and “excommunicated”. Who’d want to employ him after even a Welsh nutter rejects him, eh?

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