Fair-Weather Enemy

Enquiry about the Gridwatch Website

June 8, 2016

To Postmaster at Templar:

I have recently been studying the sitewww.gridwatch.templar.co.uk to try to make some sense of the real contribution of wind turbines. Today, the site records that only 0.64% of needs in the countries of Britain is being generated by wind turbines, more than half by gas / steam power stations, the rest by nuclear and coal, nothing recorded about hydroelectricity and biorenewables, photoelectric devices and so on.”

And on the 5th March this year, the wind dial was at 9.27% and the coal dial was at 11.51%. Your point is …?  Turbines can be built more quickly than coal power stations. The only things blocking that are the loony luddites.


One Response to “Fair-Weather Enemy”

  1. Interested Observer Says:

    “Hydroelectric is producing only 0.15%. This is a very big weak point in Britain. All the effort wasted on wind should have gone into hydroelectric.”

    How, exactly? Even the hydroelectric industry estimates the maximum possible capacity from unexploited sites is less than 3 GW. That could provide only a tiny fraction of the c.350 TWh national power consumption. And that 3 GW figure is only theoretical, since many of the sites could not be built on without causing irreparable environmental damage. How is building a massive dam and a hydroelectric plant in an untouched Scottish wilderness any better for the environment than erecting a wind turbine, anyway? Not in my back yard…

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