Teh Prooof isin hte Puddin

Proofing PECE 1 – 8

June 10, 2016

This is excellently type set, very accurate. I can only find the following minor errors.”

“The Principles of ECE Theory”

June 10, 2016

Many thanks indeed to all concerned in Muenich. This is a tremendous help and I will proof the chapters now. I can see that the preprint is beginning to be studied in preferance [sic] to the handwritten versions. When finished I will invest in its publication with New Generation of London and have copies distributed”


It is rubbish typesetting, albeit appropriate for a rubbish book.  The errors which we noted weeks ago remain uncorrected, in some places a word has been replaced and the original word has not been deleted, the sentence construction is often clumsy and there are numerous split-infinitives and other grammatical errors. The layout is amateurish: an orphan in a chapter title? Jeez! The only thing that could make it any worse would be a contribution from that irritating little Aussie. You cannot even make a short blog post about the so-called book without misspelling something.  It is lucky that you are using a vanity publisher. They do not care what they put out, provided that they have made their money. After all, what sort of real publisher would accept a book, knowing that the author intends to give other versions away?


6 Responses to “Teh Prooof isin hte Puddin”

  1. Bargain Hunter Says:

    News from the auction room: Mullock’s has now published the catalogue for the upcoming sale. Ron’s medals and papers are listed. The auctioneers appear to have estimated their value at £0. The world awaits with bated breath.


  2. Casglwr-sbwriel Says:

    What happened with Moron’s proposed Auction of his world famous most valuable manuscripts. They were on e bay and nobody bought a single page sheet. Then they were supposed to entered in Mullock’s June 2016 Manuscript auction. The catalogue is out for that sale. It includes a few old comics but no mention of Moron’s manuscripts. Were they sold privately to a fool millionaire or are they still safe in the safe at the AIAS University. If the local crooks near Moron’s house now they are there they could mount a raid.

  3. Casglwr-sbwriel Says:

    Where are these junk medals and that sheet of toilet paper listed in any Auction Catalogue? Please direct us there so we can see what they make at auction. What about the rest of the junk?
    If gullible thieves believed the papers were worth what Moron claims, then a robbery would surely be planned. What sort of person would publicly say on the internet he has a £million pounds worth of paper manuscripts under the bed next to the chamber pot? It’s like bragging publicly on the web that you have several authentic Picasso paintings under the bed.
    What says you readers? Speak up.

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