Mixed Valuations

Santilli gold medal picture 2

Subject: Fwd: Fw: Santilli gold medal picture 2
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2007 11:59:05 EST
Attachment: 23112007412.jpgThis looks fantastic, and is made of solid gold! Nine of these will be awarded next year at Imperial College, London. Fort Knox does not have that amount of gold!

To “Sign of the Times”

June 23rd 2012

I fully agree with your very negative assessment of the Telesio Galilei Association – see my blog on www.aias.ustoday. I should point out that their list of scientists includes people who either do not know that they are there or who resigned years ago. For example: Gareth Evans, Jose Croca, William Coffey, Corneliu Ciubotariu, Jozef Moscicki, and Bob Gray. I recommend strongly, after reading your article, that no bona fide scientist be associated with TGA. I was invited to become a Director of Steriwave in late 2007 but after a year my tiny salary was cut in half unilaterally on the pretext of a poor economy. It was reduced to the level of a beginning apprentice or similar. After a further year I was told that I had “resigned”, which was news to me. They did indeed try to involve bona fide scientists in whatever they were up to.

I was appointed a Civil List scientist in 2005 for outstanding contributions to Britain in science and now work directly for the Head of State, Queen Elizabeth.

I am utterly appalled by the extent of the fraud revealed in your article, and advise all scientists to read your article and make up their own minds. None of my staff in AIAS is in any way associated with TGA. The large gold medal they award is not solid gold, it is merely gold plated, a minor but telling point. The share certificates they award as prizes are worthless,which is yet more to the point.

So, two-faced as usual. Why are you trying to pass off gold-plated trinkets as being valuable, and why did you conspire with Telesio-Galilei in the first place?




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