Couldn’t Agree More

Analogies between Ulysses and Finnegan’s Wake and ECE and ECE2

June 18, 2016

There is quite a lot of analogy between these famous books of my Civil List predecessor James Joyce and my work since 1991, which is one continuous development of thought, built on a continuous development before that back to 1973. Joyce experimented with radically new modes of expression in richly structured prose poetry, and changed literature forever. Similarly ECE and ECE2 are variations on a theme of geometry, and the theories have changed physics forever.”

Some of us have always maintained that there is a close analogy between the ‘avant garde’ and pseudoscience. They are both perpetrated by those who have not ‘paid their dues’ or ‘done the work’, in everyday parlance, but want to take credit nevertheless. Like pseudoscience, avant garde painting and literature fail to represent reality in an accurate and useful fashion. Classical paintings and literature are of invaluable help to historians: what is a Rothko going to relate about the world to future generations? Avant garde work benefits only the individual who inflicts it on society; it does not help society as a whole. It thrives only because there is a large section of society which is always antagonistic towards the skills that it does not itself possess, and therefore seeks out the feckless freak and the incompetent outsider. This creates an exploitable market for cynical investors.


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