Stating the Obvious

Wind 11.23% Strong Winds

June 19, 2016

The wind contribution today is 11.23% and the wind in Swansea is 23 mph. There are strong winds in the north west. This is the highest I have seen in about ten days, so it look as if this is the highest percentage that the wind turbines will achieve. They are slowed at a wind speed of about 45 mph and shut down at 55 mph. This 11.23% from 35,000 turbines on land and at sea is a bad third to gas / steam turbines and nuclear. It is already clear that the wind contribution fluctuates wildly, even during one day. In only just over a week it has gone from 0.5% to 11.23%. In contrast teh other sources are very steady.”

This should be obvious, but Ron is studiously ignorant when it suits him. Yes, the gas and coal stations are running continuously … and burning costly fuels  … continuously. The wind input is, er, … as free as air, and transports itself to the ‘consumer’. This means that the proliferation of turbines, combined with pumped-storage and similar schemes (to even-out daily fluctuations), will eventually outstrip other power sources; all without incurring ongoing fuel costs. Meanwhile, there is no room for hydroelectric schemes, and tidal solutions cause too many environmental problems. 

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