Venture = Vanity, in this Context

Looking for the Best Joint Venture Publisher

June 19, 2016

I should think so, venture publishing is big business these days, because the author gets a very large royalty and keeps copyright. The book could be sent to Wiley Interscience or Oxford University Press for example, with a list of preferred referees, but if they published it they would ask for it to be removed from The Venture Publishers will allow it to remain.”

Traditional publishing has always been ‘venture’ publishing because it is the publisher who takes all of the risk (but less so nowadays in view of on-demand printing) and may even pay large royalties up front. Here is a clue, Ron, if you pay anything at all to a publisher, then that is vanity publishing. But you are probably right to leave New Generation Publishing. None of us are accountants, but its balance-sheet does not look too healthy, and it seems to be late in filing accounts. Why not publish with your good friend Riecansky? His accounts look far healthier … although he has just survived the umpteenth threat to strike CISP off the register.


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