White Elephants’ Graveyard

Trying to List 50 Rhyddwen Road

June 19, 2016

Many thanks to AIAS Co President Dr. Gareth John Evans. I will certainly attempt to list it myself, the houses of the working classes deserve as much attention as the houses of the aristocracy of Wales. I happen to be an aristocrat both by descent and on merit, but was born into the poorest strata of society, into a family of coal miners. They were highly cultured, far more so than the present generation, and were forced to mine coal for a living.”

This has the makings of a tourist-industry! After all, there is already Grindell-Matthews’ old ‘laboratory’ up on the hill. And he earned a blue plaque;  albeit one placed near to Bristol. One could widen the coverage a little bit and include the house of the late ‘Professor’ “gravity does not exist” ‘Viv’ Pope. Perhaps antigravity-machine inventor, Anthony Cuthbert, could be persuaded to move in from West Wales. And for those who like to link their perverted interests, coach-tours could also take in the former home of David Morris and those of other notorious Welsh killers. It’s a winning formula!


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