Think Again

My Conventional h Index

June 21, 2016

This is now h = 40, an increase from h = 33 in 2012. From Google scholar the forty or so publications cited forty or more times generate 6055 citations, compared with 4,083 on Nov. 28th 2012. On that date I manually counted 6180 citations for the top one thousand of my most cited publications in Google Scholar, estimating about 7,000 citations for my total output. So on those figures I now have a total of 10,381 citations. The cut off for the world’s top 1% of physicists is a lifetime total of 2,073 citations.”

According to Scopus (sorry, only scientists with proper affiliations can consult it), your lifetime h-index is 25. If the time period is limited to this century, it falls to 7. If the time period is reduced to the past 10 years, it falls to 1. Limit it to the past 5 years and it falls to zero. It is no wonder that you have to invent your own bogus scientometrics in order to prop up your ego. Just because you do not believe in conventional scientometrics, that does not explain why nobody else cites your work in the old-fashioned way. It does not explain why the viewings of your Youtube offerings are so low. Why not face the facts? You are a crank, and everybody who supports you is a crank.  Ask for your name to be taken off the list of Civil-List Pensioners (you can keep the money) and we shall say no more about it.


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