Basket Case

Re Amazon Kindle

June 23, 2016

nAgreed with Alex about this, the best choice is probably still “New Generation”. Having hunted around they seem to be the most economical. The intention is to print off a few copies and arrange to send the complimentary copies to some AIAS / UPITEC Fellows. We outpower any publishing house as can be seen from the scientometrics.”

Better send them some money quickly! None of us is an accountant, but their last balance sheet appears to show that they are some £6000 in the red, and they have so far failed to file accounts for 2016. It must be very hard for publishers these days, when so many people insist on giving text away. On the other hand, “what doesn’t cost anything isn’t worth anything”. Hey, Ron, you should found your own journal … er … oops. How about founding your own university … um … oops again. 


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