The Ceredigion Candidate

Power from LENR, Spacetime and Tidal Lagoons

June 23, 2016

Many thanks in turn! I think that Gareth would be influential on this committee in favour of energy from spacetime and LENR. In order to be elected to the U. S. National Academy itself, nominations are needed from academicians, one cannot apply. It is the same process as Fellowship of the Royal Society, and the same type of process as used in the Nobel Prize.”

Excellent idea: he could be the representative from Cloudcuckooland, turning up with a freshly-washed brain and spouting nonsense about perpetual motion machines already being sold out of hovels in Mexico or being ‘developed’ by incompetent experimenters in Japan and Germany. It is frightening to think that this person was actually employed as a ‘science officer’ by a County Council.  


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