Petard Come Home to Roost?

Why did Wales shoot itself in the foot in this referendum? | Richard W…

June 28, 2016

It has been obvious to me all my life that the country needs to be a Bevanite socialist republic, nationalizing all land owned by absentee landlords such as aristocrats. This was a referendum set up in London: Scotland, Ulster and Wales had no say in it because England has the overwhelming advantage in population.”

You have been bleating about ‘direct democracy’ for years. We have been pointing out meanwhile that, since the IQ of the entire population is 100, by definition, that would mean that important decisions were being made by a not-particularly-bright person. And now it is finally dawning on you that ‘direct democracy’, the sort that people always think that they are fighting wars to protect, should not be permitted. That is why civilized countries all use the (disguised) dictatorship/junta system known as ‘representational  democracy’. It gives the people the illusion of choice while, in fact, protecting the age-old vested interests of the powerful.


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