The Mullocks auction did not go too well, did it, Ron? Absolutely no interest from the room or internet. But it could have gone much better for you and much worse for us! One of our group was trying to bid on your lots and would have gone as high as £100 for the medals and 50p for the papers! Now, while trying to juggle a movie camera (to record the proceedings) and control the mouse at the same time, he almost made a legally binding offer when the first lot appeared, thinking that the starting bid was £10. It was of course a ridiculous £10000. He does have the means to pay that, and a genuinely valuable lot could always have been re-sold … but your wildly overrated collection would really have been money down the drain! And the camera failed to record anything! A washout for everyone.


7 Responses to “Hammered”

  1. Interested Observer Says:

    Were there any bids at all? Was the £10K starting price for the medals or papers? And what was the starting price on the other lot? More details please Crackpotwatch.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      The starting bid was £10000 for each lot (even though it was not clear from the catalogue whether Lot 500 was a single paper or the entire oeuvre), and the auctioneer seemed to have no discretion over this: in many other cases, he had gone downward when necessary. He seemed altogether quite bemused by the items. There was absolutely no interest; in some other cases the auctioneer had announced up-front that a great deal of interest had already been expressed … but not here. How strange that Ron has not commented. We wonder what the next step will be. A car boot sale?

  2. Interested Observer Says:

    Interesting. They appeared to be the only lots on the catalogue without a valuation. I would suggest that they offered a realistic valuation (£100 or so?) but decided not to print it when Ron insisted on a ludicrously high reserve – which would have made the valuation look pretty silly when the bidding started at £10,000. So if the reserve *was* £10K, what are the financial implications for Ron? Surely you don’t get to enter your goods into an auction without some money changing hands, even if it fails to sell…?

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      That was probably the point: Mullocks’ rules say that the seller has to pay them a % of the asking price if the item does not sell. And to think that he might have got £100.50 from one of our number.

  3. Nay Borro Says:

    Mullocks couldn’t sell his bollocks. In the meantime look at his terrible nonsense against a fellow Welsh speaker here:-

  4. Nay Borro Says:

    Thanks for the appointment. I will keep reporting. People here now think he is a laughing stock, but those much nearer to his home think he is an awkward meddler (not Medaller) – just a problematic meddler of epic serious proportions. What sane person would cause good neighbours such useless problems?.

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