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Old Severn Barrage Joke

July 31, 2016

Tidal Lagoons

July 31, 2016

 Agreed with the Co President of AIAS, Dr. Gareth John Evans, who is a senior member of staff of Ceredigion County Council and a member of an all Wales committee and other advisory committees. It should be possible to build tidal hydroelectric power stations, large and small, all the way down the Severn from its source on Pumlumon to the sea, using the same thirty foot tide both sides of the Bristol Channel for gigawatt hydro power stations. China already has a hydro capacity of thousands of gigawatts, and the U. S. and Canda have a hydro capacity of hundred of gigawatts.”

The joke goes like this: “every decade or so, a feasibility study is made which proves that a Severn Barrage would be economically feasible … if only work on it had begun a decade before!”  Like your conman friend, ‘Hill of Beans’, you seem to know nothing about hydroelectric power; he thinks that hydroelectric schemes extract energy from gravity (rather than from hot fusion; i.e. the Sun). You think that every perpetual-motion scam, from Bessler  via Bearden to Ideotic, extracts energy from spacetime.  Another joke: do you know what the Swiss call the peak of Ben Nevis? A valley! So why do Canada, China, etc., have more hydroelectric schemes: lots of space and lots of high mountains (with correspondingly high valleys). China also has the advantage of being able to crush (probably with tanks)  any pesky objectors to wholesale immersion of villages.  The Severn Barrage is out. Are you going to close down the Avonmouth, Portbury and Barry docks and flood the Somerset levels, destroying the habitat of millions of birds? Creationists would love that because it would also hide the Sweet Track which – according to their nonsense – was built only 200 embarrassing years after the universe was created. NATO would also not like to be cut off from Barry; its vast ‘secret’ underground bunkers were always part of NATO strategic planning for European operations. To keep the docks open would require container-ship sized locks, vastly increasing the cost.  Fortunately, and yet again, tidal lagoons do not depend upon a high tidal range and the best UK site for them is probably The Wash. Does Sewage-Evans really still serve in any sort of advisory capacity? That is tragic. There should be a public inquiry into that.



Hold the Front Page

July 31, 2016

Energy from Space (ES) and Low Energy Nuclear Reactors (LENR)

July 31, 2016

I think that Co President Dr. Gareth Evans might be allowed to advocate these to the more rational members of the Welsh Assembly.

The local papers thought that even your petty meddling in your neighbor’s affairs was worth mentioning. Imagine what they would do with a former ‘science officer’ of a Welsh County Council who started to prattle (openly) about perpetual motion. Still, he should totally go for that: it might attract national attention, hilarity and outrage, and lead straight back to you. You really do not want ‘the people’ to know about that undeserved pension.  

The Congress in Washington is already considering LENR and I hope that it will soon consider ES. These are advanced but proven technologies (www.aias.usand ,

Congress was informed about cold fusion decades ago. Loonies can fool politicians, but US politicians defer to their Chief Scientist and to the Jasons (never heard of them? You would not like them!). They are not ‘proven technology’, they are examples of incompetent experimentation and outright scams. 

AIAS Fellow Dr Steve Bannister, a development economist and assistant professor in the University of Utah, has selected ES as having a potential economic impact far greater than coal in the first industrial revolution. Dr. Bannister describes ES as the second industrial revolution and his Ph. D. Thesis is on this subject. Dr. Bannister’s reasoning is that ES has no moving parts at all, its circuits take energy from spacetime with conservation of total energy. This source of energy will never be depleted.

Again, even though Bannister operates in a state which was founded by loonies and even though cold fusion was originally the evil offspring of Utah and Hampshire (Southampton), one wonders how long he will hang onto his job if he keeps pushing perpetual motion. Have his bosses not even noticed that he is a member of the Natural Philosophy Alliance (aka Crackpot Central)? The only good thing about perpetual motion is that it is non-polluting  … because it doesn’t exist

The theory for ES was developed largely by AIAS / UPITEC, a lot of it was developed in Mawr with close international coordination. I have received two high honours for this work, a Civil List Pension in 2005 and a coat of arms in 2008. This shows what a Bro Iaith could do given half a chance. I emphasize once again that wind turbines are an unmitigated fiasco, an insult to intelligence and the People of Mawr and Gower.”

Oh, so now you are claiming that you got your gongs specifically for pure pseudoscience, rather than for your overrated ‘curve-fitting’ chemical work? Way to lose a pension, Ron, way to lose a pension … if only people knew about you. We know somebody who wants to make you famous … but he is too busy tearing Eric Laithwaite’s reputation to shreds at the moment.


Time-Saving Idea

July 30, 2016

Capel Gerazim

July 30, 2016

To Alison Mayers,

Thank you for your letter. I looked in to the matter, I could have bought it for £2,000 but it turned out that our historic and much loved 1801 chapel was being auctioned in a pub in Newport because Mawr Development Trust went bankrupt. This is the most disgusting thing I have ever witnessed, so I tried to express my horror of the process through an englyn and a sonnet in both my languages. These are attached in my third book of poetry, being prepared at present. I have known Gerazim since childhood. It is one of the historic and important Baptist chapels in Mawr. It is built in the spirit of the earliest Christian church, founded about the year 50 A. D. by my ancestral cousin St. Eurgain ferch Caradog, influenced directly by St. Paul in Rome.”

Ron, in order to save a lot of writing on your part and a lot of reading on our part, could you post a short-list (presumably very short) of every person to whom you are not related.  Of course, you need to list only the famous ones

… as if you would do anything else.

Yankee Go Home

July 30, 2016

Irregularities in Planning Application 2016 / 0835, 10 Mountain Road

July 30, 2016

I have made further objections to this planning application on the grounds of procedural irregularity and breach of confidentiality, in that a member of the planning committee with local knowledge leaked the application to a South Wales Evening Post reporter. I replied in the newspaper and made a very good impression.

No you didn’t. Every comment was more or less critical:

Everybody but you can see the joke.

This member has subsequently resigned from the planning committee of Swansea County Council. It is inconceivable that the South Wales Evening Post picked up my objection at random. Therefore the application is null and void, as well as very damaging to the Welsh language. I have also made a legal objection on the grounds of proprietal estopel. This development, and any further development in Mawr, will be very damaging to the Welsh language because so few people speak Welsh now in Mawr, and do not have the means to buy houses coming on the market. They cannot afford a deposit on the mortgage.

Come on, you know damn well that the mark of a successful Welshman is that he chooses to live outside of Wales. Even you managed that … until you screwed up your North Carolina job by being so naturally obnoxious. Meanwhile, you have imported between 2 and 4 non Welsh-speaking foreigners into one small village; have you confused ‘language nest’ with  ‘love nest’? Not that any of them seem to have stayed, although you have done your best to maroon non Welsh-speaker Mrs Ron in a house to which she has no title.  As you seem to like nothing about your surroundings, and are such a fan of democracy, why not go back to the Land of the Free?  

So all houses put on the primitive capitalist market will be bought by outsiders, with the result that the language will become extinct very quickly. In view of this no one who really supports the language can ever support development. The deliberate destruction of a language is a gross violation of human rights. The same is true of Capel Gerazim and all chapels in Mawr.”

How come you have not mentioned that the Gerazim chapel sold for only £17500? Could the vast Newlands Trust (which you claim will be worth trillions in 125 years time) not afford such a paltry amount? After all, buying property is not like buying groceries or throwing a party: the money is still there, albeit in a different form. We thought that you were supposed to be a canny investor.

Who is up for a Ron-based puzzle/joke with a spicy answer? OK, here goes:

“Why is Ron like Superman?”

All attempts will be published, correct or not.


Salient Hinkley Points

July 29, 2016

Westminster Energy Policy in a Shambles

July 29, 2016

One accident at Hinkley Point and we in Wales get all the radiation. Only four miles away from here is a thirty foot tide, ready for a ten gigawatt tidal lagoon. That would take care of all demand in Wales with enough for export. It seems to me that the Westminster Government is no longer rational. It is driven by powerful lobbies. The Assembly in Wales has the power to demolish wind turbines, and build tidal lagoons. If it does not have the power it should get the power.”

Point One: there are already two nuclear power stations there, one dead and one still working, so it is a little late to try that sort of scare-mongering. Point Two: as we have pointed out several times before, tidal lagoons (unlike tidal barrages) do not require a large tidal range. A wide expanse of shallow seabed (to make wall construction cheaper) is more important. The most optimistic estimate of the size of a tidal lagoon sufficiently large to generate 10GW is (if it were square) over 40km x 40km. Where are you going to put it? That side length is 4 times the width of Swansea Bay. Putting it near Tenby would rather spoil the view from that boathouse where the Welsh dipsomaniac lived. Making the lagoon more rectangular would minimize deep-water construction costs perpendicular to the shoreline, but then it would be so long that it would wreck tourism along much of the South Wales coast. It makes your plan to flood Holland look almost sensible, does it not?

PS (3oth July): how come you have not taken credit for the mystery hiatus in signing the Hinkley-C contract? That would be a relatively small lie, as your lies go.

Craigcefnparc News #14

July 27, 2016

An open letter from Swansea County Councillor Ioan Richard (Mawr Ward) to Evans of 50, Rhyddwen Road, Craigcefnparc, Swansea: –

Evans, I challenge you to a Public Debate, at Craigcefnparc village Hall at any mutually convenient time, as to who has worked most for Mawr Community, and who fought against the Wind Turbines on Mynydd y Gwair. Not to put you at any disadvantage, I suggest you bring along your friends Sian Ifans and Gethin Gruffudd and Arthur Turner Thomas, in a four to one contest against me in public.
I await your response of time and date.
Signed, Ioan Richard, County Councillor 27-7-16.

Public and Press and Crackpotwatch welcome.

Shrunken Atoms for Microcephalics

July 26, 2016

Hydrino power

July 26, 2016

Yes I did quite a lot on this subject from the late nineties onwards (Omnia Opera Section), using a particular kind of Schroedinger equation.”


“… a small, high-tech company called BlackLight Power … was moving to Princeton. A pair of major utility companies had invested $10 million in the company … She wanted to know what I could tell her about Randell Mills and the technology he says will produce an inexhaustible supply of low-cost, nonpolluting energy …  Mills, the founder of BlackLight Power, said it was ‘the most important discovery of all time … up there with fire’ … Randell Mills, M.D., is a 1986 graduate of Harvard Medical School. Bored with the practice of medicine, he joined the cold fusion stampede in the spring of 1989 … Two years later … Mills held a press conference … to announce that he had solved the mystery of cold fusion. It was not really fusion at all, he explained; it was a catalytic process that allows hydrogen atoms to make a transition into a state below the ground state. In that state they are much smaller than normal hydrogen atoms. He calls them hydrinos … ‘a state below the ground state’ is a contradiction of course … Mills claimed to have developed ‘a grand unified theory of classical quantum mechanics’ that explains how it is possible to have a state below the ground state …  Scientists … ignored it …  His ‘theory’ reminded me of my thesis advisor’s comment when I referred to my first scientific paper as a ‘theory’. ‘Its a theory’, he said gently, ‘to the extent that it was done with a pencil'”. (Professor Robert Park, Voodoo Science, 2000 [sic]).

Should Ron be allowed even a pencil? Would not a wax crayon be safer … and more traditional?



Craigcefnparc News #13

July 23, 2016

From a correspondent:

Myron Evans, of 50, Rhyddwen Road, Craigcefnparc, Swansea has sent the letter below to his MP and copied it onto the public internet.
There are suggested responses for the MP to reply to Evans below each deluded comment of Evans.

Open Letter to Mr Byron Davies M. P. Gower
July 23, 2016
Also to be sent by mail.

Dear Mr Davies,

I would like to request that you call for a Parliamentary Enquiry into the way in which Mawr is misgoverned at present. I would suggest the following written questions in the Commons.

1) Why has the Welsh language in Mawr been destroyed by over development and poor government?

Why did Evans oppose affordable Housing for local families?

2) Why has the environment been destroyed by useless wind turbines?

Sadly it may soon, but not yet at present. Evans did nothing to oppose it. Evans was never ever seen in the meetings and protests!

3) Why is there no hydroelectric power station in the Lliw Reservoir system in Mawr?

Because it would be totally insignificant – little flow and low altitude drop. Any scientist should Know that, but Evans who claims to be a Scientist cannot grasp schoolboy Physics as a onetime Chemist.

4) Why has the Mawr Development Trust gone into liquidation shortly after the Community Council was severely reprimanded a second time by the Welsh Audit Office early in 2015? This followed a severe reprimand in 2011 over many accounts irregularities. Is Parliament aware of the detailed accounts of the Mawr Community Council and Mawr Development Trust?

Evans knows nothing of Mawr Development Trust and all the very good work it did.

5) Why has the historic and much admired chapel of Gerazim been put up for sale by auction in far away east Wales without consultation of the Dissenters of Mawr in the various chapels of Mawr?

Why? Because it had only one 95 year old Trustee and only five members left. Evans never even goes himself to Capel Elim the one he claims his ancestors founded.

6) Why has Cllr Ioan Richard tried to saturate the village of Craig Cefn Parc with thirty or forty new houses which would have completely destroyed the Welsh language?

Applications for houses are made by applicants and not Councillors and the village needs affordable housing for locals. Evans recently opposed an application for just one house BY A WELSH SPEAKING VILLAGER because it was next door to his joking University.

7) Why are there no Welsh language schools in Garnswllt and Craig Cefn Parc?

There are Welsh Medium Schools at Felindre and Gellionnen and Pontarddulais that serve Mawr well.

8) Why is there civil disobedience in Mawr? Why have horse riding vandals been allowed to completely destroy the environment of Gelliwastad to such an extent that water has run off the mountain for years? People on Mountain Road have had to block off houses lying at a level below the road and have complained to me as Armiger many times. Why is this protected environment set on fire by out of control arsonists almost every year?

How come the statistical facts from South Wales Police deny this? Mawr has the lowest crime rate in the County.

9) Why has Council tax tripled in about fifteen years, and why are there no basic services such as gritting, lighting, and double yellow lines?

It has gone up proportionally the same everywhere. O)f course there are many services. Who empties his dustbin ?

10) Why are cars allowed to block pavements unlawfully?

Evans parks partly on his neighbour’s land next to his neighbour’s garage, otherwise he would be parking on the pavement as do his rare visitors.

11) Why are historic houses sold indiscriminately and heavily damaged?

Where? Give examples. Did Evans just make this up like most of his outlandish statements?

Cllr Ioan Richard was forced to resign from the Community Council of Mawr because he wanted to develop thirty new houses in the village, which has already been destroyed by overdevelopment and lack of industry and by uncontrolled monoglot immigration of rich outsiders. He was met with popular rejection and resigned from the Community Council. This shows that his concern for the Welsh language is empty hypocrisy. In my opinion a Bro Iaith area should be established in Mawr with semi autonomous powers to protect and revive the Welsh language. Recently the Councillor interfered in a planning objection of mine, but I was allowed to state my point of view by teh Editor of “The Evening Post” and also by BBC Radio Wales. There are many disturbing incidents like this. UNESCO has warned of the extinction of Welsh as a spoken language, yet the Government does nothing to protect it. In fact libraries are having to be shut in the Swansea Valley. This is the fault of the London Government.

This is a general rant with little meaning. The Councillor resigned, along with ten others, because the Mawr Council at the time was bedevilled with hecklers allowed by the then Chair who seems to have been a friend of Evans and it had become a shouting shop doing nothing. The hecklers then got on the Council and did nothing and then resigned themselves. Thank goodness there are some good new Councillors there now. Evans never attends any meetings or events in Mawr so he does not know what he is talking about!

Myron Evans

(Dr. M. W. Evans, 50 Rhyddwen Road, Craig Cefn APrc, Swansea SA6 5RA)

Armiger, Member of the Gentry, and Civil List Pensioner

He should be stripped of this title.

Bless the Lord

July 21, 2016

Emergency Injunction to Prohibit the Sale of Gerazim

July 21, 2016

I cannot afford to buy the chapel completely on my own, and it is deeply against my principles to buy consecrated ground, especially Baptist ground, as if it were a box of persil in tesco. I would simply be out bid by some rich person who cares nothing about the traditions of intellectual Welsh speaking Wales.”

You are just like many a proper British lord, Ron: all titles, pomp, arrogance … and no money. But surely the vast Newlands Trust can afford £2000. Read the ad carefully, Ron; it says ‘guide price’ and not ‘starting price’. You made that mistake with your own auction, Ron: if you had made £10000 the guide price instead of the starting price, you might have made £100.50.  By the way, how much do your owe Mullocks for that failed auction?


Monty Python Joke

July 19, 2016

Petition for Complete Independence

July 19, 2016

I received many interesting communications from Llysgenhadaeth Owain Glyndw^r (Sia^n Ifan and Gethin ap Gruffudd with whom I protested against the Betws turbine fiasco),”


Remind us, Ron, are those two the Welsh Liberation Front or the Liberation Front of Wales? And yes it is spelled ‘Monty’, and not ‘Monte’, as you seem to think.

Don’t Bother

July 19, 2016

352(5): Computation and Animation Scheme

July 16, 2016

These are the computational steps needed to describe a turbulent vacuum or aether in contact with a circuit of the type designed by Osamu Ide, who has reported that the circuit appears to pick up the turbulence, making it observable experimentally.”

Ideotic is an incompetent experimenter who does not possess the knowledge, skill or experience (and probably not the equipment either) which is required to make rational measurements of a spiky output. If he cannot afford the correct high capture-rate equipment, why does he not use calorimetry instead? If he cannot get consistent results with his current equipment, then that is due entirely to his own incompetence. To blame random results on ‘turbulence’ in a non-existent ‘aether’ is moronic.

Netherlands … and Ron, the Nether Yë

July 16, 2016

Wind 12.59%, 2 – 34 mph 0801 local time

July 16, 2016

The wind speed varies a lot this morning, with an isolated 34 mph over the Shetland Islands. There have been wild fluctuations in wind turbine contribution in Britain in the past two days alone, varying from about 2% to about 13%, and no doubt back down again into the depths of iniquity. No grid could ever rely on wind turbines. The wind over Wales this morning is about 9 mph, barely above the 8 mph needed for the turbines to begin generating anything. So they are producing nothing in Wales today. Hydro is a negligible 0.87%. Hydro in France today is 15%, a good start, and nuclear in France is 92.23% today. So it would take only one accident or a terrorist attack to cause a major disaster in France. For example a terrorist could drive a heavy vehicle into a French nuclear power station and attempt to fracture the reactor. I wonder if Governments think about scenarios like this or just live on wind turbines driven by hot air. There are many mountains and large rivers all over Europe with which to rapidly build up a hydro industry and rapidly shut down all the nuclear power stations. Demolition of wind turbines would be easy and rapid. Nuclear is already banned in the United States and Germany because it is just too dangerous. There are reports that Chernobyl is still leaking radiation and despite the cover up it is known that thousands have died. I should think that the Rhine and the Alps could generate a lot of hydro, and so could all those Dutch dams that keep out the sea. The Netherlands has gone for nuclear, enraging the neighbouring countries. In fact, The Netherlands is one big hydroelectric plant waiting to be build.

Could this be Ron’s most stupid statement ever? You said it yourself, Ron, the dams keep the sea out … and the sea has to be kept out, Ron, because that is what nether means in netherlands; the land is largely below sea level. The water would then have to be pumped out again. Are you proposing the worst tidal lagoon scheme ever, Ron, with the Dutch having to swim and scuba everywhere, their farmland drowned and poisoned with salt, in return for using the North Sea as a pumped-storage reservoir? You have been associating with your conman-friend, (Alex) Hill-of-Beans for too long. He thinks that hydroelectric plants extract energy from gravity, LOFAO.  Hope you enjoyed our Old English pun, Ron. Worthy of Chaucer, doncha think? Real fundamental.



Still Playing Catch-Up, Ron?

July 16, 2016

Hydrino power?

July 16, 2016

Many thanks, this looks interesting!”

Jeez Ron, have you never heard of Mills and his hydrino scams before? He is exposed at some length in the excellent book, Voodoo Science. It details how he conned millions of dollars out of US utility companies. It was a so-called Pascal’s Wager* on their part and, when they lost, they simply put everybody’s bill up in order to cover it. Thus do crackpots steal money from the general public … including we skeptics. Interesting fact: like you, Mills is also into antigravity, and his daft machine resembles and pre-dates the fatuous Emdrive. Why do you cranks always gravitate (haha) towards the same old nonsenses, Ron?  

*In the context of pseudoscience, it means betting money on the veracity of a very unlikely idea on the grounds that the potential financial payoff would be so huge. It commonly afflicts those in a position to use other peoples’ money, and is a boon to the crackpot inventor. That is, a sum which is like a lottery-win to the crackpot is mere chicken-feed to a large company or government.  This, and the tax write-off scam (i.e. disproportionate rebate for R&D which is sure to fail), are the golden fleeces (pun intended) which keep the conmen going.

Lies, Senselessness and Audiotape

July 14, 2016

Radio Cymru Interview Tomorrow

July 14, 2016

Good to hear from AIAS Co President Dr. Gareth Evans, who is well known throughout Wales for his work for the environment on all Wales committees. The wind turbine policy was a banana skin on a sleety and gloomy January day in Splot[sic], so the Assembly fell flat on its undeleted expletive. The interview has been switched from English to Welsh and the Radio Cymru presenter will come up to do the interview here. I believe that everyone in Wales is very seriously concerned about the language and out of control development that has destroyed it in several critical villages, this is a destruction of civilization and illegal, a violation of human rights. The methods of reversing this decline are the ones I proposed yesterday and in ” The South Wales Evening Post”, an article which has been well received.

Well-received? Every single comment is negative! But your behavior is of course typical of the pseudoscientist. They always assume that their audience does not know any better.  A word of advice: the media are only ever interested in selling ‘man bites dog’ stories, and the interviewer intends only to prolong the joke that was your newspaper interview. He has certainly been tipped-off about your crackpot ideas, so be wary of his drawing you out with regard to perpetual-motion machines, cold fusion … or about how you are the most important and prolific scientist in the world. When one has only imaginary arrows in ones quiver, it is better to hide behind the battlements.


Rabid Process

July 13, 2016

Rapid Progress

July 13, 2016

Agreed, this is all very interesting and the method below looks like an accurate check of the flow code. The next step is to develop equations on which to base an animation, I will have a look at that tomorrow.”

So let us just remind ourselves, and newcomers, of what this is all about. The main purpose of ECE is to ‘explain’ how perpetual-motion (aka free energy) machines ‘work’ and thereby disculpate the promoters of such devices … who might otherwise be accused of being mere confidence-tricksters (i.e. criminals).  The ‘small’ problem is, of course,  that there are no perpetual-motion machines. There are only incompetent experimenters and downright crooks. What happens when the incompetent experimenter cannot get the same result twice in a row? Ron, perhaps uniquely in this regard, then excuses the failure by inventing the convenient fiction of ‘turbulence in spacetime’ (an idea stolen from Star Trek?).  Oh what a tangled web we weave …

Golden Opportunity

July 13, 2016

Semi Autonomous Broydd Iaith in Wales

July 13, 2016

I will make the following points on Radio Wales at nine a.m. on Friday. In my opinion remote government over the past seventy years has resulted in some areas in the almost complete loss of language by over development and loss of industry, combined with closure of schools and disgraceful neglect of the brilliant and world famous chapel culture. Whoever is responsible has destroyed civilization.”

Don’t waste a moment of this interview, Ron. As well as outlining the proposed totalitarian state/enclave/ghetto, don’t forget to mention your usual turbine spiel and how you frequently e-mail No.10 about replacing turbines with perpetual-motion machines and cold-fusion. But perhaps you should not mention ‘trying to speak Irish to Ian Paisley’ in the present tense. Unless you have a good medium or a  ouija-board, that is; he died years ago. Oh, and articulate clearly; not everybody is from Planet Siluris (is that correct, Dr Who experts? Please advise).

Craigcefnparc News #12

July 8, 2016

Sorry Nay Borro, beat you to it:


‘Reputations’ of Swansea Crackpots

July 8, 2016
South Wales Evening Post, 2nd January 2012

I will bet my reputation

I WRITE in response to the news item in Evening Post (Dec 14) regarding the imminent discovery of the notoriously elusive ‘Higgs boson’, or ‘God Particle’, that is supposed to have provided the mass content of the otherwise empty, primordial universe (don’t blame me if you don’t understand that!).

For the sake of balance in reporting these things it should be pointed out that at this present time of almost global public interest in the highly publicised attempts by the scientists at Cern to recreate that theoretical ‘particle’ there have been voices, all but lost in the noise of the media fairground, condemning that whole enterprise on the grounds that it can be proved, logically, that no such ‘God Particle’ can possibly exist.

So far there is nothing that can truly be claimed as evidence for the existence of that ‘particle’. Reports in the media are all about ‘glimpses’ of that ghostly particle and highly optimistic projections about finding it. These reports are shot through by all sorts of ifs and buts and excuses galore for failures so far, but despite all the expertise and hoo-ha involved there remains a studious avoidance of any positive and confident statement as to having established the actual existence of this theoretical particle. Now I would like it to be put on record that for many years I have been one of those suppressed voices insisting on the internet and in the media generally, that there can, logically, be no such particle as this ‘Higgs boson’ and that the machinery that has been constructed at huge expense to find it might just as well have been constructed to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Just about now it is only to be expected that there will be some frenetic PR efforts to justify the expense that has been squandered on those attempts so far and to keep the funding flowing.

This has been followed with suggestions for constructing even bigger and better gizmos for finding and photographing that theoretical wraith. However, be it known that I am still betting my reputation, such as it may be as a card-carrying and well-published philosopher of science, against any chance of that theoretical ‘particle’ ever being found — not just ‘glimpsed’ or ‘imminent’, dear friends, but actually found.

Viv Pope

Penclawdd, Swansea

Yes, we are picking on a dead loony again; ‘but the evil that men do oft lives after them’. The amusing thing is that Pope actually thought that he had a reputation (as anything but a crackpot). He was ‘well-published’, but only in ‘anything-goes’ philosophical journals and the many pseudoscience journals. It is nevertheless a sobering thought that he was apparently employed by the Open University in some capacity at some time. Perhaps the OU really is only for ‘social climbers’ and those after a pay-rise from their employer (frequent accusations leveled at the OU  and its correspondence students). It is also worrying that he talked a university mathematics lecturer into backing his ‘there is no gravity’ theory: Pope claimed that the ‘apple fell on Newton’s head’ (itself a dubious account) because it was ‘orbiting at the wrong height for its angular momentum’. It is one of those ideas which can be forced to fit that particular situation but has no real worth. How, for instance, does one then explain the two tidal bulges and Roche Limit (the phenomenon which tore that comet apart before it hit Jupiter)? Ron’s ‘theories’ also suffer from that same flaw. But then, Ron and Viv shared many beliefs. And now, just for a bit of fun, let’s look at the opposition:


In particular, check out the number of authors, every one of them 10 times brighter than the Swansea cranks (and that is only a partial list, the total would be over 5000).


Water on the Brain

July 7, 2016

Wind 3.24%, speed 1 – 21 mph, hydro 1.52%, 0915 local time

July 7, 2016

The pathetic contribution of 35,000 wind turbines to demand in England, Scotland, Ulster and Wales is painfully clear after only a month of monitoring. Very probably the same ghastly picture is true in the Republic of Ireland, that of the sinking Titanic. The Welsh Assembly is responsible for the complete failure to build tidal lagoons because it is fixated by a faded ideology, imported from far away zealots long ago.”

Do you really know how tidal lagoons work, Ron? You did not mention it here, but you usually link the proposed lagoon at Swansea to the phenomenal tidal range of the Bristol Channel. This implies that you believe that they work in the same way that tidal barrages do. They do not. If they are used like barrages (i.e. ‘passively’), they yield some 3.3W/m^2. By using a simple ‘trick’, this output can be doubled. The trick also means that the tidal range is almost irrelevant and that the best location depends upon other factors. The optimum UK locations for tidal lagoons are probably The Wash and the Irish Sea (near Liverpool). Could it be that the people behind the Swansea scheme also believe that the tidal range is the key factor?  Not only is that a mistake, it is also obvious that the output scales as the square of the length dimension, while the cost is only a linear function of length. This means that a lagoon should be as big as possible. Is there room at Swansea for one of optimum cost-effectiveness? The craziest fact that you clearly do not know is that tidal lagoons can be built on land! So what is the ‘trick’ that changes everything? Work it out for yourself. You would not believe us anyway because … it sounds far too much like a 19th-century perpetual-motion scam!

You Have to Ask??

July 6, 2016

Article by the South Wales Evening Post

July 6, 2016

Why would the South Wales Evening Post report a routine but firm objection to a planning application? This objection has been posted for weeks at the Council’s website. This is not news. Why would it describe defence of the Welsh language as bizarre? This is violation of human rights, a direct attack on the language. The destruction of the Welsh language by poor planning and forced overdevelopment is a violation of human rights.”

It is because you are ‘in their sights’ as a sure-fire column-filler: the ‘local character’ (aka busybody, neighbour-from-Hell, crank, crackpot, etc.). They will not have forgotten your attempt to found an illegal university, nor your connection with ‘Sir’ Arthur Turner-Thomas GC (disgusting lie) VC (even more disgusting lie). Perhaps they are even smarting a little over having reported the award of your Civil List Pension as being a good thing. You are mentioned elsewhere in the online version of the paper, but you do not seem to have noticed that. And is it true that you do not possess a TV? Don’t you know that someone threatened to starve himself to death in order to get a Welsh-language channel for the nation? And you won’t even help to support the language by watching it (or even saying that you do)? Shame on you.

Conflict of Interest?

July 2, 2016

Renewing your book

July 2, 2016

They are fast and good but it will cost about £400 minimum. Perhaps each author could contribute £100. I have donated several books co produced with them to local libraries and the National Library of Wales. A copy of each book is sent automatically to the British Library in London.”

We find a Sam Rennie being interviewed about a new publishing venture called Readership:

Q&A with Sam Rennie, Founder of Crowdsourcing Publisher Readership

Could that be the Sam Rennie of New Generation?  Readership is a publisher which should definitely publish your books Ron. Why? Because your books are rubbish physics and that company’s logo is, even in itself, rubbish physics!  If you cannot understand why, Ron, just ask nicely and we shall tell you.

Point of interest: ‘crowd-funding’ of books is not even a new idea, although it was originally called ‘subscription’. An author would post a summary of his book in a public place and appeal for funds, in return for a free copy when it appeared in print. Among the books financed in this way was … Newton’s Principia.   


July 2, 2016

Wind 18.72%, 6 – 26 mph

July 2, 2016

This is the highest I have seen because there is a steady high wind across the entire British Isles. For some reason coal has been shut down to zero, and nuclear has taken over from gas /steam. I have seen the wind contribution vary from 0.5% to 18.72% in two weeks. This is a ridiculously unstable source of power, and I will work out the average and see how long this spike of power lasts.”

Never fear, Ron, real scientists are working on the problem:

And you can read (if not understand) all of that, as it is open-source: clearly, not everything which is free is rubbish.


Ron’s Pointless Money-Pit

July 2, 2016

Renewing your book

July 2, 2016

Many thanks, it was just an oversight. The books are produced to a high quality and particular thanks for sending copies to the National Libraries. They are all doing very well open source off and, having been read tens of thousands of times in a few years. Our own website publishing system is very powerful, but I think that the books are well worth purchasing.”

Are they actually hitting you up for another fee, Ron? They can certainly do with your money:


It is not clear whether those figures include the debenture held by Barclays. As they are months late with their accounts, can it be long before they receive a ‘striking off’ notice from Companies House? Are you sure that this one-man (Thomas Chalmers) operation  really is, “the UK’s largest self-publishing company”? The blurb on their website says that, “New Generation Publishing was created in 2009 as part of award-winning independent book publisher Legend Press.” Well guess what, Ron, as that Welsh call-girl supposedly opined, “they would say that wouldn’t they?”, what with Legend Press also being another one-man operation run by … you’ve guessed it … Thomas Chalmers. At least they were almost £1000 in the black 15 months ago. 

Just the One?

July 2, 2016

Death Threat against Stephen Crothers

July 2, 2016

Stephen Crothers is a former detective and would know how to take this to court. In most laws the making of a cold blooded threat of death carries up to life in prison and is not subject to a statute of limitations. This means that the person can be charged at any time. The threat is written down and on record, so this is a de facto admission of guilt. Any one who covers up such a threat is an accessory and can also be charged at any time. Einsteinian general relativity is thoroughly obsolete and these ultra expensive experiments prove nothing if they are not reproducible and repeatable. All aspects of Einsteinian general relativity as being rejected as they are taught. The world famous scientometrics show this conclusively.”

We would really like to see the text of that ‘death threat’ … so that we could frame it for the office wall, perhaps even turn it into a poster and a tee-shirt. Knowing Ron’s uneasy relationship with truth, how can we be sure that it really was a ‘threat’? After all, suggesting that someone is not ‘fit to live’ or wanting them to ‘die horribly in a physics-related accident’ are not threats; just wishful-thinking sanctioned by freedom-of-speech. Just a few precisions: Sam Spade Crothers* was not a detective (another example of Ron’s deceptiveness), he was a private detective –  a decidedly more sleazy profession. Also Ron: even real detectives do not take cases to court (and certainly not ones in which they have a personal interest), it is the DA, DPP or equivalent entity which does that. Jocelyne  Lopez is, of course, a member of the Natural Philosophy Alliance (aka Crackpot Central) as are they all. If only they all had but one neck. That is not a death-threat, Ron: just a quote from good old Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus.

* We have decided that ‘Sam Spade’ is too honorable a nickname for Crothers; the original was quite charismatic and effective. We shall henceforth call Crothers the ‘public defective’. 

CraigCefnParc News #11

July 2, 2016

From a correspondent:

… with interesting comments