Conflict of Interest?

Renewing your book

July 2, 2016

They are fast and good but it will cost about £400 minimum. Perhaps each author could contribute £100. I have donated several books co produced with them to local libraries and the National Library of Wales. A copy of each book is sent automatically to the British Library in London.”

We find a Sam Rennie being interviewed about a new publishing venture called Readership:

Q&A with Sam Rennie, Founder of Crowdsourcing Publisher Readership

Could that be the Sam Rennie of New Generation?  Readership is a publisher which should definitely publish your books Ron. Why? Because your books are rubbish physics and that company’s logo is, even in itself, rubbish physics!  If you cannot understand why, Ron, just ask nicely and we shall tell you.

Point of interest: ‘crowd-funding’ of books is not even a new idea, although it was originally called ‘subscription’. An author would post a summary of his book in a public place and appeal for funds, in return for a free copy when it appeared in print. Among the books financed in this way was … Newton’s Principia.   


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