Just the One?

Death Threat against Stephen Crothers

July 2, 2016

Stephen Crothers is a former detective and would know how to take this to court. In most laws the making of a cold blooded threat of death carries up to life in prison and is not subject to a statute of limitations. This means that the person can be charged at any time. The threat is written down and on record, so this is a de facto admission of guilt. Any one who covers up such a threat is an accessory and can also be charged at any time. Einsteinian general relativity is thoroughly obsolete and these ultra expensive experiments prove nothing if they are not reproducible and repeatable. All aspects of Einsteinian general relativity as being rejected as they are taught. The world famous scientometrics show this conclusively.”

We would really like to see the text of that ‘death threat’ … so that we could frame it for the office wall, perhaps even turn it into a poster and a tee-shirt. Knowing Ron’s uneasy relationship with truth, how can we be sure that it really was a ‘threat’? After all, suggesting that someone is not ‘fit to live’ or wanting them to ‘die horribly in a physics-related accident’ are not threats; just wishful-thinking sanctioned by freedom-of-speech. Just a few precisions: Sam Spade Crothers* was not a detective (another example of Ron’s deceptiveness), he was a private detective –  a decidedly more sleazy profession. Also Ron: even real detectives do not take cases to court (and certainly not ones in which they have a personal interest), it is the DA, DPP or equivalent entity which does that. Jocelyne  Lopez is, of course, a member of the Natural Philosophy Alliance (aka Crackpot Central) as are they all. If only they all had but one neck. That is not a death-threat, Ron: just a quote from good old Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus.

* We have decided that ‘Sam Spade’ is too honorable a nickname for Crothers; the original was quite charismatic and effective. We shall henceforth call Crothers the ‘public defective’. 


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