Ron’s Pointless Money-Pit

Renewing your book

July 2, 2016

Many thanks, it was just an oversight. The books are produced to a high quality and particular thanks for sending copies to the National Libraries. They are all doing very well open source off and, having been read tens of thousands of times in a few years. Our own website publishing system is very powerful, but I think that the books are well worth purchasing.”

Are they actually hitting you up for another fee, Ron? They can certainly do with your money:


It is not clear whether those figures include the debenture held by Barclays. As they are months late with their accounts, can it be long before they receive a ‘striking off’ notice from Companies House? Are you sure that this one-man (Thomas Chalmers) operation  really is, “the UK’s largest self-publishing company”? The blurb on their website says that, “New Generation Publishing was created in 2009 as part of award-winning independent book publisher Legend Press.” Well guess what, Ron, as that Welsh call-girl supposedly opined, “they would say that wouldn’t they?”, what with Legend Press also being another one-man operation run by … you’ve guessed it … Thomas Chalmers. At least they were almost £1000 in the black 15 months ago. 


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