You Have to Ask??

Article by the South Wales Evening Post

July 6, 2016

Why would the South Wales Evening Post report a routine but firm objection to a planning application? This objection has been posted for weeks at the Council’s website. This is not news. Why would it describe defence of the Welsh language as bizarre? This is violation of human rights, a direct attack on the language. The destruction of the Welsh language by poor planning and forced overdevelopment is a violation of human rights.”

It is because you are ‘in their sights’ as a sure-fire column-filler: the ‘local character’ (aka busybody, neighbour-from-Hell, crank, crackpot, etc.). They will not have forgotten your attempt to found an illegal university, nor your connection with ‘Sir’ Arthur Turner-Thomas GC (disgusting lie) VC (even more disgusting lie). Perhaps they are even smarting a little over having reported the award of your Civil List Pension as being a good thing. You are mentioned elsewhere in the online version of the paper, but you do not seem to have noticed that. And is it true that you do not possess a TV? Don’t you know that someone threatened to starve himself to death in order to get a Welsh-language channel for the nation? And you won’t even help to support the language by watching it (or even saying that you do)? Shame on you.


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