Golden Opportunity

Semi Autonomous Broydd Iaith in Wales

July 13, 2016

I will make the following points on Radio Wales at nine a.m. on Friday. In my opinion remote government over the past seventy years has resulted in some areas in the almost complete loss of language by over development and loss of industry, combined with closure of schools and disgraceful neglect of the brilliant and world famous chapel culture. Whoever is responsible has destroyed civilization.”

Don’t waste a moment of this interview, Ron. As well as outlining the proposed totalitarian state/enclave/ghetto, don’t forget to mention your usual turbine spiel and how you frequently e-mail No.10 about replacing turbines with perpetual-motion machines and cold-fusion. But perhaps you should not mention ‘trying to speak Irish to Ian Paisley’ in the present tense. Unless you have a good medium or a  ouija-board, that is; he died years ago. Oh, and articulate clearly; not everybody is from Planet Siluris (is that correct, Dr Who experts? Please advise).


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