Rabid Process

Rapid Progress

July 13, 2016

Agreed, this is all very interesting and the method below looks like an accurate check of the flow code. The next step is to develop equations on which to base an animation, I will have a look at that tomorrow.”

So let us just remind ourselves, and newcomers, of what this is all about. The main purpose of ECE is to ‘explain’ how perpetual-motion (aka free energy) machines ‘work’ and thereby disculpate the promoters of such devices … who might otherwise be accused of being mere confidence-tricksters (i.e. criminals).  The ‘small’ problem is, of course,  that there are no perpetual-motion machines. There are only incompetent experimenters and downright crooks. What happens when the incompetent experimenter cannot get the same result twice in a row? Ron, perhaps uniquely in this regard, then excuses the failure by inventing the convenient fiction of ‘turbulence in spacetime’ (an idea stolen from Star Trek?).  Oh what a tangled web we weave …


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