Lies, Senselessness and Audiotape

Radio Cymru Interview Tomorrow

July 14, 2016

Good to hear from AIAS Co President Dr. Gareth Evans, who is well known throughout Wales for his work for the environment on all Wales committees. The wind turbine policy was a banana skin on a sleety and gloomy January day in Splot[sic], so the Assembly fell flat on its undeleted expletive. The interview has been switched from English to Welsh and the Radio Cymru presenter will come up to do the interview here. I believe that everyone in Wales is very seriously concerned about the language and out of control development that has destroyed it in several critical villages, this is a destruction of civilization and illegal, a violation of human rights. The methods of reversing this decline are the ones I proposed yesterday and in ” The South Wales Evening Post”, an article which has been well received.

Well-received? Every single comment is negative! But your behavior is of course typical of the pseudoscientist. They always assume that their audience does not know any better.  A word of advice: the media are only ever interested in selling ‘man bites dog’ stories, and the interviewer intends only to prolong the joke that was your newspaper interview. He has certainly been tipped-off about your crackpot ideas, so be wary of his drawing you out with regard to perpetual-motion machines, cold fusion … or about how you are the most important and prolific scientist in the world. When one has only imaginary arrows in ones quiver, it is better to hide behind the battlements.



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