Netherlands … and Ron, the Nether Yë

Wind 12.59%, 2 – 34 mph 0801 local time

July 16, 2016

The wind speed varies a lot this morning, with an isolated 34 mph over the Shetland Islands. There have been wild fluctuations in wind turbine contribution in Britain in the past two days alone, varying from about 2% to about 13%, and no doubt back down again into the depths of iniquity. No grid could ever rely on wind turbines. The wind over Wales this morning is about 9 mph, barely above the 8 mph needed for the turbines to begin generating anything. So they are producing nothing in Wales today. Hydro is a negligible 0.87%. Hydro in France today is 15%, a good start, and nuclear in France is 92.23% today. So it would take only one accident or a terrorist attack to cause a major disaster in France. For example a terrorist could drive a heavy vehicle into a French nuclear power station and attempt to fracture the reactor. I wonder if Governments think about scenarios like this or just live on wind turbines driven by hot air. There are many mountains and large rivers all over Europe with which to rapidly build up a hydro industry and rapidly shut down all the nuclear power stations. Demolition of wind turbines would be easy and rapid. Nuclear is already banned in the United States and Germany because it is just too dangerous. There are reports that Chernobyl is still leaking radiation and despite the cover up it is known that thousands have died. I should think that the Rhine and the Alps could generate a lot of hydro, and so could all those Dutch dams that keep out the sea. The Netherlands has gone for nuclear, enraging the neighbouring countries. In fact, The Netherlands is one big hydroelectric plant waiting to be build.

Could this be Ron’s most stupid statement ever? You said it yourself, Ron, the dams keep the sea out … and the sea has to be kept out, Ron, because that is what nether means in netherlands; the land is largely below sea level. The water would then have to be pumped out again. Are you proposing the worst tidal lagoon scheme ever, Ron, with the Dutch having to swim and scuba everywhere, their farmland drowned and poisoned with salt, in return for using the North Sea as a pumped-storage reservoir? You have been associating with your conman-friend, (Alex) Hill-of-Beans for too long. He thinks that hydroelectric plants extract energy from gravity, LOFAO.  Hope you enjoyed our Old English pun, Ron. Worthy of Chaucer, doncha think? Real fundamental.




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