Still Playing Catch-Up, Ron?

Hydrino power?

July 16, 2016

Many thanks, this looks interesting!”

Jeez Ron, have you never heard of Mills and his hydrino scams before? He is exposed at some length in the excellent book, Voodoo Science. It details how he conned millions of dollars out of US utility companies. It was a so-called Pascal’s Wager* on their part and, when they lost, they simply put everybody’s bill up in order to cover it. Thus do crackpots steal money from the general public … including we skeptics. Interesting fact: like you, Mills is also into antigravity, and his daft machine resembles and pre-dates the fatuous Emdrive. Why do you cranks always gravitate (haha) towards the same old nonsenses, Ron?  

*In the context of pseudoscience, it means betting money on the veracity of a very unlikely idea on the grounds that the potential financial payoff would be so huge. It commonly afflicts those in a position to use other peoples’ money, and is a boon to the crackpot inventor. That is, a sum which is like a lottery-win to the crackpot is mere chicken-feed to a large company or government.  This, and the tax write-off scam (i.e. disproportionate rebate for R&D which is sure to fail), are the golden fleeces (pun intended) which keep the conmen going.


One Response to “Still Playing Catch-Up, Ron?”

  1. Nay Borro Says:

    Something vaguely similar was proposed at Crynant village in the Neath Valley Wales a few years ago but more scientifically genuine using old schoolboy chemistry. This was to use the basic Chemistry of the old “Town Gas works” that used Coke (baked coal). This was supported by the then local Labour MP Peter Hain now in Vermin in the House of Lords (oops sorry – Ermine). It all went sour when villagers there finally realised that it was not to use Coke, but toxic oil refinery waste carbon sludges imported from the USA. At least Hain has no B.Sc., so we can excuse him, but there can no excuse for Moron propagating all this Junk Science. When will Moron ever be removed from the Civil List? He must be removed!

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