Bless the Lord

Emergency Injunction to Prohibit the Sale of Gerazim

July 21, 2016

I cannot afford to buy the chapel completely on my own, and it is deeply against my principles to buy consecrated ground, especially Baptist ground, as if it were a box of persil in tesco. I would simply be out bid by some rich person who cares nothing about the traditions of intellectual Welsh speaking Wales.”

You are just like many a proper British lord, Ron: all titles, pomp, arrogance … and no money. But surely the vast Newlands Trust can afford £2000. Read the ad carefully, Ron; it says ‘guide price’ and not ‘starting price’. You made that mistake with your own auction, Ron: if you had made £10000 the guide price instead of the starting price, you might have made £100.50.  By the way, how much do your owe Mullocks for that failed auction?



5 Responses to “Bless the Lord”

  1. Atebwr Gwir Says:

    Myron Evans, of 50, Rhyddwen Road, Craigcefnparc, Swansea (contact ) has sent the letter below to his MP and copied it onto the public internet.
    There are suggested responses for the MP to reply to Evans below each deluded comment of Evans.

    Open Letter to Mr Byron Davies M. P. Gower
    July 23, 2016
    Also to be sent by mail.

    Dear Mr Davies,

    I would like to request that you call for a Parliamentary Enquiry into the way in which Mawr is misgoverned at present. I would suggest the following written questions in the Commons.

    1) Why has the Welsh language in Mawr been destroyed by over development and poor government?

    Why did Evans oppose affordable Housing for local families?

    2) Why has the environment been destroyed by useless wind turbines?

    Sadly it may soon, but not yet at present. Evans did nothing to oppose it. Evans was never ever seen in the meetings and protests!

    3) Why is there no hydroelectric power station in the Lliw Reservoir system in Mawr?

    Because it would be totally insignificant – little flow and low altitude drop. Any scientist should Know that, but Evans who claims to be a Scientist cannot grasp schoolboy Physics as a onetime Chemist.

    4) Why has the Mawr Development Trust gone into liquidation shortly after the Community Council was severely reprimanded a second time by the Welsh Audit Office early in 2015? This followed a severe reprimand in 2011 over many accounts irregularities. Is Parliament aware of the detailed accounts of the Mawr Community Council and Mawr Development Trust?

    Evans knows nothing of Mawr Development Trust and all the very good work it did.

    5) Why has the historic and much admired chapel of Gerazim been put up for sale by auction in far away east Wales without consultation of the Dissenters of Mawr in the various chapels of Mawr?

    Why? Because it had only one 95 year old Trustee and only five members left. Evans never even goes himself to Capel Elim the one he claims his ancestors founded.

    6) Why has Cllr Ioan Richard tried to saturate the village of Craig Cefn Parc with thirty or forty new houses which would have completely destroyed the Welsh language?

    Applications for houses are made by applicants and not Councillors and the village needs affordable housing for locals. Evans recently opposed an application for just one house BY A WELSH SPEAKING VILLAGER because it was next door to his joking University.

    7) Why are there no Welsh language schools in Garnswllt and Craig Cefn Parc?

    There are Welsh Medium Schools at Felindre and Gellionnen and Pontarddulais that serve Mawr well.

    8) Why is there civil disobedience in Mawr? Why have horse riding vandals been allowed to completely destroy the environment of Gelliwastad to such an extent that water has run off the mountain for years? People on Mountain Road have had to block off houses lying at a level below the road and have complained to me as Armiger many times. Why is this protected environment set on fire by out of control arsonists almost every year?

    How come the statistical facts from South Wales Police deny this? Mawr has the lowest crime rate in the County.

    9) Why has Council tax tripled in about fifteen years, and why are there no basic services such as gritting, lighting, and double yellow lines?

    It has gone up proportionally the same everywhere. O)f course there are many services. Who empties his dustbin ?

    10) Why are cars allowed to block pavements unlawfully?

    Evans parks partly on his neighbour’s land next to his neighbour’s garage, otherwise he would be parking on the pavement as do his rare visitors.

    11) Why are historic houses sold indiscriminately and heavily damaged?

    Where? Give examples. Did Evans just make this up like most of his outlandish statements?

    Cllr Ioan Richard was forced to resign from the Community Council of Mawr because he wanted to develop thirty new houses in the village, which has already been destroyed by overdevelopment and lack of industry and by uncontrolled monoglot immigration of rich outsiders. He was met with popular rejection and resigned from the Community Council. This shows that his concern for the Welsh language is empty hypocrisy. In my opinion a Bro Iaith area should be established in Mawr with semi autonomous powers to protect and revive the Welsh language. Recently the Councillor interfered in a planning objection of mine, but I was allowed to state my point of view by teh Editor of “The Evening Post” and also by BBC Radio Wales. There are many disturbing incidents like this. UNESCO has warned of the extinction of Welsh as a spoken language, yet the Government does nothing to protect it. In fact libraries are having to be shut in the Swansea Valley. This is the fault of the London Government.

    This is a general rant with little meaning. The Councillor resigned, along with ten others, because the Mawr Council at the time was bedevilled with hecklers allowed by the then Chair who seems to have been a friend of Evans and it had become a shouting shop doing nothing. The hecklers then got on the Council and did nothing and then resigned themselves. Thank goodness there are some good new Councillors there now. Evans never attends any meetings or events in Mawr so he does not know what he is talking about!

    Myron Evans

    (Dr. M. W. Evans, 50 Rhyddwen Road, Craig Cefn APrc, Swansea SA6 5RA)

    Armiger, Member of the Gentry, and Civil List Pensioner

    He should be stripped of this title.

  2. Nay Borro Says:

    Below is Moron’s latest garbled attack on his locally elected County Councillor. As has been said before on CRACKPOTWATCH, Moron himself does Zero Zilch Nothing in his own community except pour untruthful bile into and from his computer. He even tries to stop Welsh speakers getting planning permission for a house next to his home. (that was granted last week). MORON DOES ZERO ZILCH NOTHING EXCEPT POUR OUT BILE FROM HIS COMPUTER. HIS LATEST OUTBURST IS BELOW. What do Crackpotwatch readers think of this? :-.
    Ioan Richard Resigns from Swansea County Council Planning Committee
    July 26, 2016
    Following directly upon the bankruptcy of Mawr Development Trust, Ioan Richard has resigned from the planning committee of Swansea County Council. He has also resigned from the Community Council, which is essentially unelected. Wind turbines are being forced through against the great majority in Gower. This is a savage, dictatorial process. These turbines will be completely useless and will ruin a unique landscape. I call for the resignation of Ioan Richard from the County Council. Under his long drawn out tenure the Welsh language has essentially disappeared from Mawr, which has been ruined by overdevelopment, and no new industry has been created in Mawr. Two out of three Welsh language secondary schools have been closed, and Council services have deteriorated badly. Richard resigned from the Community Council following outrage at his plans to saturate the village of Craig Cefn Parc with thirty unwanted houses, all of which would have been occupied by monoglot incomers unable and frequently unwilling to speak Welsh, intolerant of those like myself whose natural tongue is Welsh. I oppose all further housing development in Craig Cefn Parc because it will further damage the language. I opposed MA006, MA007 and MA008, and was successful in stopping all three plans. I arranged a petition against MA008. Details are on the Swansea County Council website. I am a fluent Welsh speaker and poet in both languages. I have not seen a sample of Ioan Richard’s writing in Welsh. The idea of a Bro Iaith would replace ineffective Councillors like Ioan Richard with a semi autonomous Government that would have the power to demolish wind turbines, and gradually revive the Welsh language. In the meantime all methods legally available should be used to resist the electoral dictatorship which is driving through this monstrous destruction against up to 90% of the electorate of Gower. When dictatorship exists inside a pseudo democracy, all legal methods must be used to get rid of not only turbines, but also the dictatorship. I also tried to buy Cae Bach to stop development. The latter was forced through after my offer of £15,000 was accepted by the Coal Board, and there is now no Welsh speaker in any of the houses on Cae Bach. They are all out of reach of local young people. I would have let the land remain undeveloped. Recently there was interference to my objection to another development, but I was allowed my say in “The Evening Post” and Radio Wales. It is clear that Ioan Richard has been behind forced development, directly contradicting his hypocrisy about the Welsh language. He has offended many people over the years. The chapel of Gerazim was desecrated by the same “exigency of the machine” – remote, dictatorial, ineffective government and an incompetent development Trust. No democrat should ever give up the fight against electoral dictatorship in Wales. Referenda would get rid of it overnight.

    Myron Evans

    Dr. M. W. Evans, Gent. (Member of the Gentry of Wales), Civil List Pensioner, D. Sc., Ph. D., B. Sc. (Wales).

  3. Nay Borro Says:

    Have you seen his latest nonsense about his DNA line. It shocked me as I thought he was descended from extraordinary Welsh folk and not some form of minor English Royalty. Anyway, in this DNA posting Moron refers to his old pal Arthur Turner Thomas the despicable creature who is the UK’s only bogus Victoria Cross holder. Good company for a bogus scientific Professor.
    Who is Moron’s other guru pal, the geneaologist / historian Stuart guy from Glyntawe? Crackpotwatch can you tell us much about “Stuart”? A few years ago a Swansea Valley Librarian started to spill the beans on this “Stuart”, but then clammed up more in gross embarrassment than fear when I mentioned Moron.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      This needs a bit of updating: it seems that Turner-Thomas is no longer the only false claimant of a VC. As for ‘Stuart’, we tried to track him down some years ago but lost interest.

  4. Ioan Richard Says:

    An open letter from Swansea County Councillor Ioan Richard (Mawr Ward) to Evans of 50, Rhyddwen Road, Craigcefnparc, Swansea: –
    Evans, I challenge you to a Public Debate, at Craigcefnparc village Hall at any mutually convenient time, as to who has worked most for Mawr Community, and who fought against the Wind Turbines on Mynydd y Gwair. Not to put you at any disadvantage, I suggest you bring along your friends Sian Ifans and Gethin Gruffudd and Arthur Turner Thomas, in a four to one contest against me in public.
    I await your response of time and date.
    Signed, Ioan Richard, County Councillor 27-7-16.
    Public and Press and Crackpotwatch welcome.

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