Shrunken Atoms for Microcephalics

Hydrino power

July 26, 2016

Yes I did quite a lot on this subject from the late nineties onwards (Omnia Opera Section), using a particular kind of Schroedinger equation.”


“… a small, high-tech company called BlackLight Power … was moving to Princeton. A pair of major utility companies had invested $10 million in the company … She wanted to know what I could tell her about Randell Mills and the technology he says will produce an inexhaustible supply of low-cost, nonpolluting energy …  Mills, the founder of BlackLight Power, said it was ‘the most important discovery of all time … up there with fire’ … Randell Mills, M.D., is a 1986 graduate of Harvard Medical School. Bored with the practice of medicine, he joined the cold fusion stampede in the spring of 1989 … Two years later … Mills held a press conference … to announce that he had solved the mystery of cold fusion. It was not really fusion at all, he explained; it was a catalytic process that allows hydrogen atoms to make a transition into a state below the ground state. In that state they are much smaller than normal hydrogen atoms. He calls them hydrinos … ‘a state below the ground state’ is a contradiction of course … Mills claimed to have developed ‘a grand unified theory of classical quantum mechanics’ that explains how it is possible to have a state below the ground state …  Scientists … ignored it …  His ‘theory’ reminded me of my thesis advisor’s comment when I referred to my first scientific paper as a ‘theory’. ‘Its a theory’, he said gently, ‘to the extent that it was done with a pencil'”. (Professor Robert Park, Voodoo Science, 2000 [sic]).

Should Ron be allowed even a pencil? Would not a wax crayon be safer … and more traditional?




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