Craigcefnparc News #14

An open letter from Swansea County Councillor Ioan Richard (Mawr Ward) to Evans of 50, Rhyddwen Road, Craigcefnparc, Swansea: –

Evans, I challenge you to a Public Debate, at Craigcefnparc village Hall at any mutually convenient time, as to who has worked most for Mawr Community, and who fought against the Wind Turbines on Mynydd y Gwair. Not to put you at any disadvantage, I suggest you bring along your friends Sian Ifans and Gethin Gruffudd and Arthur Turner Thomas, in a four to one contest against me in public.
I await your response of time and date.
Signed, Ioan Richard, County Councillor 27-7-16.

Public and Press and Crackpotwatch welcome.


2 Responses to “Craigcefnparc News #14”

  1. County Councillor Ioan Richard Says:

    I made a challenge on 27-7-16 to Evans for a Public Debate in our Village Hall. He is not responding. We know he is an avid reader of Crackpotwatch. All he can do is post offensive deluded untruths on his own nasty Science Fiction BLOG, a Blog that will not accept response comments. Here below is his latest nasty untruthful comment about myself. Nobody of any account reads his Science Fiction Blog intentionally, but people do come across it by accidental chance when doing a web search of certain key words. This is the only reason I bother to respond. Otherwise all he says can be dismissed as garbled untruthful deluded nonsense.:-

    EVANS latest drivelled bile 7-8-16
    Application Number 2016/0835 10 Mountain Road
    August 7, 2016
    This was approved subject to a lot of conditions, but this is a clear example of forced development by electoral dictatorship. Mynydd y Gwair wind turbines is another example, Betws a third. I was involved in getting MA006, MA007 and MA008 thrown out and the battle of Cae Bach, where I tried to buy the land to stop development. I was stopped by gazzumping. I had bought hte land for £15,000 and was suddenly told that it has been sold to someone else. It is probable that my objections to 2016/0835 were not even read. So new legislation is needed to ensure that objections are read in detail by an impartial committee, and not Swansea County Council, which does tremendous harm to Mawr. In this case all residents were and are against the development but I was the only one who bothered to object in writing. So unless I buy the land myself, it will almost certainly go to a monoglot and further weaken the Welsh language to the point of extinction. I am a true Welsh speaker in that I speak the natural native dialect. It is my native language. There is no right of appeal against planning permission once awarded, so this is crude dictatorship. It is easy to see how Mawr has been destroyed linguistically by forced development. It is easy to see why a Bro Iaith is urgently needed. I am delighted to see that Ioan Richard has resigned from the Planning Committee of Swansea County Council and resigned from Mawr Community Council. He has done more than anyone to harm the Welsh language by over development, despite hypocritical protestations to the contrary. It is vitally important that all Welsh speakers never put their land on the market.
    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< END.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      It is interesting that he claims to have put his house in trust. This means that (non Welsh-speaker) Mrs Ron will either have to live there forever, or move on and leave all of that equity behind. If, as we suspect, she was a ‘mail-order’ bride sacrificing herself to get UK passports for herself and her daughter(s?), he certainly out-foxed her.

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