Salient Hinkley Points

Westminster Energy Policy in a Shambles

July 29, 2016

One accident at Hinkley Point and we in Wales get all the radiation. Only four miles away from here is a thirty foot tide, ready for a ten gigawatt tidal lagoon. That would take care of all demand in Wales with enough for export. It seems to me that the Westminster Government is no longer rational. It is driven by powerful lobbies. The Assembly in Wales has the power to demolish wind turbines, and build tidal lagoons. If it does not have the power it should get the power.”

Point One: there are already two nuclear power stations there, one dead and one still working, so it is a little late to try that sort of scare-mongering. Point Two: as we have pointed out several times before, tidal lagoons (unlike tidal barrages) do not require a large tidal range. A wide expanse of shallow seabed (to make wall construction cheaper) is more important. The most optimistic estimate of the size of a tidal lagoon sufficiently large to generate 10GW is (if it were square) over 40km x 40km. Where are you going to put it? That side length is 4 times the width of Swansea Bay. Putting it near Tenby would rather spoil the view from that boathouse where the Welsh dipsomaniac lived. Making the lagoon more rectangular would minimize deep-water construction costs perpendicular to the shoreline, but then it would be so long that it would wreck tourism along much of the South Wales coast. It makes your plan to flood Holland look almost sensible, does it not?

PS (3oth July): how come you have not taken credit for the mystery hiatus in signing the Hinkley-C contract? That would be a relatively small lie, as your lies go.

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