Time-Saving Idea

Capel Gerazim

July 30, 2016

To Alison Mayers,

Thank you for your letter. I looked in to the matter, I could have bought it for £2,000 but it turned out that our historic and much loved 1801 chapel was being auctioned in a pub in Newport because Mawr Development Trust went bankrupt. This is the most disgusting thing I have ever witnessed, so I tried to express my horror of the process through an englyn and a sonnet in both my languages. These are attached in my third book of poetry, being prepared at present. I have known Gerazim since childhood. It is one of the historic and important Baptist chapels in Mawr. It is built in the spirit of the earliest Christian church, founded about the year 50 A. D. by my ancestral cousin St. Eurgain ferch Caradog, influenced directly by St. Paul in Rome.”

Ron, in order to save a lot of writing on your part and a lot of reading on our part, could you post a short-list (presumably very short) of every person to whom you are not related.  Of course, you need to list only the famous ones

… as if you would do anything else.


6 Responses to “Time-Saving Idea”

  1. Rob Morgan Says:

    This guy, is his real name Walter…Mitty
    Blinking bloke is a nutter.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      The Welsh are always complaining that they are not taken seriously, and are routinely depicted in film/TV as being loud-mouthed pushy ignoramuses. He is certainly not going to help to correct that image.

  2. FAY Says:

    Why is anyone contacting this nutter Moron! On any matter!!! Shame on you Ali! Careful you might be tarred with the same brush as Myron Evans the local village racist idiot!

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Who is this who is ‘contacting’ him? He does not allow comments on his blog. If one sends him an email that he does not like, he forwards it to the police. And what are the odds that he will respond to Mr Richards’ challenge? We do not want to contact him; we want to rally support for the removal of his Civil List Pension accolade. Contact the Honours Forfeiture Committee!

  3. Nay Borro Says:

    Moron’s Civil List Pension:-
    All people disgusted at the public waste of money paid as a Civil List Pension to the country’s most pseudo of “scientists” should realize first and foremost:- it is not an “honour” of any sort and certainly does not confer any status of “gentry” or “Lordship” or any right to become an “Armiger”. Moron got on the Civil List only by some lazy persons, who failed to check his real credentials, nominating him. It was a total misconception. It can be subject to forfeiture if abused, and Moron has milked it consistently with abuse claiming it is an “honour” that confers the title of “gentry” upon himself to say the least. Just call him “Evans” from now on. Everyone offended by his nonsense should campaign for him to forfeit his Civil List Pension i.e. strip him of it, due to his abuse of it, causing the Monarch gross embarrassment.
    Here is the explanation and definition of a Civil List Pension:-
    Civil List pensions:-
    These are pensions traditionally granted by the Sovereign from the Civil List upon the recommendation of the First Lord of the Treasury. The Civil List Act 1837 applied the condition that any new pensions should be “granted to such persons only as have just claims on the royal beneficence or who by their personal services to the Crown, or by the performance of duties to the public, or by their useful discoveries in science and attainments in literature and the arts, have merited the gracious consideration of their sovereign and the gratitude of their country.” Famous recipients include Lord Byron and William Wordsworth.As of 1911, a sum of £1,200 was allotted each year from the Civil List, in addition to the pensions already in force. From a Return issued in 1908, the total of Civil List pensions payable in that year amounted to £24,665. In the financial year 2012-13 the annual cost of Civil List pensions paid to 53 people was £126,293. New Civil List pensions continue to be awarded occasionally.
    Well readers and Crackpotwatch – what says you? Does he fit in the definition above? Speak up publicly now.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      To be accurate, he does not base his ‘gentry’ status upon the Civil List Pension but upon the coat-of-arms which he acquired. He claims that he inherited this directly from his forebears, but he could have got one anyway just by paying a fee. Anybody of reasonable social standing can obtain a coat-of-arms.

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