Yankee Go Home

Irregularities in Planning Application 2016 / 0835, 10 Mountain Road

July 30, 2016

I have made further objections to this planning application on the grounds of procedural irregularity and breach of confidentiality, in that a member of the planning committee with local knowledge leaked the application to a South Wales Evening Post reporter. I replied in the newspaper and made a very good impression.

No you didn’t. Every comment was more or less critical:


Everybody but you can see the joke.

This member has subsequently resigned from the planning committee of Swansea County Council. It is inconceivable that the South Wales Evening Post picked up my objection at random. Therefore the application is null and void, as well as very damaging to the Welsh language. I have also made a legal objection on the grounds of proprietal estopel. This development, and any further development in Mawr, will be very damaging to the Welsh language because so few people speak Welsh now in Mawr, and do not have the means to buy houses coming on the market. They cannot afford a deposit on the mortgage.

Come on, you know damn well that the mark of a successful Welshman is that he chooses to live outside of Wales. Even you managed that … until you screwed up your North Carolina job by being so naturally obnoxious. Meanwhile, you have imported between 2 and 4 non Welsh-speaking foreigners into one small village; have you confused ‘language nest’ with  ‘love nest’? Not that any of them seem to have stayed, although you have done your best to maroon non Welsh-speaker Mrs Ron in a house to which she has no title.  As you seem to like nothing about your surroundings, and are such a fan of democracy, why not go back to the Land of the Free?  

So all houses put on the primitive capitalist market will be bought by outsiders, with the result that the language will become extinct very quickly. In view of this no one who really supports the language can ever support development. The deliberate destruction of a language is a gross violation of human rights. The same is true of Capel Gerazim and all chapels in Mawr.”

How come you have not mentioned that the Gerazim chapel sold for only £17500? Could the vast Newlands Trust (which you claim will be worth trillions in 125 years time) not afford such a paltry amount? After all, buying property is not like buying groceries or throwing a party: the money is still there, albeit in a different form. We thought that you were supposed to be a canny investor.

Who is up for a Ron-based puzzle/joke with a spicy answer? OK, here goes:

“Why is Ron like Superman?”

All attempts will be published, correct or not.



2 Responses to “Yankee Go Home”

  1. Nay Borro Says:

    He is like superman because he rarely changes his pants. Visitors to his village think he is the resident tramp. Same as happened in his final job in America.

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