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Energy from Space (ES) and Low Energy Nuclear Reactors (LENR)

July 31, 2016

I think that Co President Dr. Gareth Evans might be allowed to advocate these to the more rational members of the Welsh Assembly.

The local papers thought that even your petty meddling in your neighbor’s affairs was worth mentioning. Imagine what they would do with a former ‘science officer’ of a Welsh County Council who started to prattle (openly) about perpetual motion. Still, he should totally go for that: it might attract national attention, hilarity and outrage, and lead straight back to you. You really do not want ‘the people’ to know about that undeserved pension.  

The Congress in Washington is already considering LENR and I hope that it will soon consider ES. These are advanced but proven technologies (www.aias.usand www.upitec.org , www.et3m.net).

Congress was informed about cold fusion decades ago. Loonies can fool politicians, but US politicians defer to their Chief Scientist and to the Jasons (never heard of them? You would not like them!). They are not ‘proven technology’, they are examples of incompetent experimentation and outright scams. 

AIAS Fellow Dr Steve Bannister, a development economist and assistant professor in the University of Utah, has selected ES as having a potential economic impact far greater than coal in the first industrial revolution. Dr. Bannister describes ES as the second industrial revolution and his Ph. D. Thesis is on this subject. Dr. Bannister’s reasoning is that ES has no moving parts at all, its circuits take energy from spacetime with conservation of total energy. This source of energy will never be depleted.

Again, even though Bannister operates in a state which was founded by loonies and even though cold fusion was originally the evil offspring of Utah and Hampshire (Southampton), one wonders how long he will hang onto his job if he keeps pushing perpetual motion. Have his bosses not even noticed that he is a member of the Natural Philosophy Alliance (aka Crackpot Central)? The only good thing about perpetual motion is that it is non-polluting  … because it doesn’t exist

The theory for ES was developed largely by AIAS / UPITEC, a lot of it was developed in Mawr with close international coordination. I have received two high honours for this work, a Civil List Pension in 2005 and a coat of arms in 2008. This shows what a Bro Iaith could do given half a chance. I emphasize once again that wind turbines are an unmitigated fiasco, an insult to intelligence and the People of Mawr and Gower.”

Oh, so now you are claiming that you got your gongs specifically for pure pseudoscience, rather than for your overrated ‘curve-fitting’ chemical work? Way to lose a pension, Ron, way to lose a pension … if only people knew about you. We know somebody who wants to make you famous … but he is too busy tearing Eric Laithwaite’s reputation to shreds at the moment.



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