Old Severn Barrage Joke

Tidal Lagoons

July 31, 2016

 Agreed with the Co President of AIAS, Dr. Gareth John Evans, who is a senior member of staff of Ceredigion County Council and a member of an all Wales committee and other advisory committees. It should be possible to build tidal hydroelectric power stations, large and small, all the way down the Severn from its source on Pumlumon to the sea, using the same thirty foot tide both sides of the Bristol Channel for gigawatt hydro power stations. China already has a hydro capacity of thousands of gigawatts, and the U. S. and Canda have a hydro capacity of hundred of gigawatts.”

The joke goes like this: “every decade or so, a feasibility study is made which proves that a Severn Barrage would be economically feasible … if only work on it had begun a decade before!”  Like your conman friend, ‘Hill of Beans’, you seem to know nothing about hydroelectric power; he thinks that hydroelectric schemes extract energy from gravity (rather than from hot fusion; i.e. the Sun). You think that every perpetual-motion scam, from Bessler  via Bearden to Ideotic, extracts energy from spacetime.  Another joke: do you know what the Swiss call the peak of Ben Nevis? A valley! So why do Canada, China, etc., have more hydroelectric schemes: lots of space and lots of high mountains (with correspondingly high valleys). China also has the advantage of being able to crush (probably with tanks)  any pesky objectors to wholesale immersion of villages.  The Severn Barrage is out. Are you going to close down the Avonmouth, Portbury and Barry docks and flood the Somerset levels, destroying the habitat of millions of birds? Creationists would love that because it would also hide the Sweet Track which – according to their nonsense – was built only 200 embarrassing years after the universe was created. NATO would also not like to be cut off from Barry; its vast ‘secret’ underground bunkers were always part of NATO strategic planning for European operations. To keep the docks open would require container-ship sized locks, vastly increasing the cost.  Fortunately, and yet again, tidal lagoons do not depend upon a high tidal range and the best UK site for them is probably The Wash. Does Sewage-Evans really still serve in any sort of advisory capacity? That is tragic. There should be a public inquiry into that.



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