The Revolution Will be a Little Late …

Most Recent ECE2 Papers Doing Very Well

August 1, 2016

The top five ECE2 papers to date for July 2016 are as follows (number of times read every year from combined sites and ).

1) UFT346 2180
2) UFT349 1577
3) UFT345 1499
4) UFT318 1402
5) UFT325 1207

UFT345 and UFT346 are papers on the general theory of precession, and UFT349 is the first paper on fluid electrodynamics. The second and third papers on fluid electrodynamics, UFT351 and UFT352, are also being read intensely. Therefore these papers are each almost as popular as the classic UFT88 written in 2007. That is currently being read 2336 times times a year off combined sites. This means an accelerating interest in the individual ECE and ECE2 papers. There are now well over five hundred ECE and ECE2 papers in English and Spanish, and ALL of them are read continuously around the world. There are no longer any objections to them. The early “pseudocritics” have obviously disappeared from the stage of avant garde science. The dogmatists continue to behave as if nothing has happened – that is why they are dogmatists.”

Can you not see how ridiculous this all is, and that it is getting more silly with passing time? It is almost a decade since the ‘classic’ paper and nobody who matters has cited it, nothing has changed and nobody even bothers to object any more, simply because it is well known to be utter nonsense. The ‘dogmatists’ act as if nothing has happened for the simple reason that … nothing has happened.


3 Responses to “The Revolution Will be a Little Late …”

  1. Nay Borro Says:

    Some utter fool has proposed Evans to the ether in space to be Energy Adviser to the Westminster UK Government and Evans believes it and has “accepted the job”. More for his fictitious C.V..That being so:- let’s take one little energy extract from Evans’ own Blog today. He says:-

    The tidal lagoon in Swansea would generate about 10 gigawatts steadily, enough for all the needs of Wales.

    This is strange,, as the would be developers claim it will only produce 300 Mega Watts at four peaks a day following the best part of the tides in Swansea Bay – in – out- in out – per day Wales alone consumes on average about 2,000 MW and UK about 40,000 MW at any one instant. Where does he get 10 gigawatts from? The benefit of a tidal lagoon over erratic wind and solar is that it is predictable.Are these figures correct Crakpotwatch?

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      We pointed out quite recently that a 10GW tidal lagoon (if square) would have to be at least 40km x 40km. That is about the same wall-length as the Berlin Wall … and rather harder to build.

  2. Nay Borro Says:

    It’s hotting up in the village here. Since his well publicised racist crazy outbursts about a planning application next door to his cottage two up two down university and him claiming his neighbour’s property and the local newspaper printing his claim to be Lord of Gower and Lord of Glyntawe he has now hung himself by his own pettard. Everyone now considers him a nasty unhinged person. Before that he was considered locally to be just an eccentric academic vagrant. Now the public really do know that he is a nasty pseudo scientist and talk about him in very disparaging ways.

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