Ticking the Last Box

We have a well-supported theory which posits that, if one finds a crackpot who believes in perpetual-motion, he will also be found to be a believer in antigravity, quack cancer-cures and death-rays. We thought that the last one was missing from Ron’s repertoire but … what is this:


Note: as well as being the inventor of the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (a perpetual-motion machine ‘confirmed’ by most of the ‘scientists’ of AIAS), Bearden also believes that the Japanese Mafia controls the weather.


4 Responses to “Ticking the Last Box”

  1. Medal Lion Says:

    Here is a circulation list below of those Evans communicates with – extracted from his own public Science Fiction Blog. It has a few notable people including Arthur Turner Thomas the bogus claimant to a Victoria Cross – a man who has never committed heroism or bravery. What a charlatan Evans is to promote such a scheister! What do you know about the others Crackpotwatch? Who are they? Do they know he is publishing their e mail addresses?

    bo.lehnert ; avanderm ; dblake ; pennbonvivant ; raydela ; corbis ; normanpage ; fritzius ; garethjohnevans ; rpmc_6 ; burleigh.personal ; alexhillgtz ; ccefalas ; simon.cliffy ; fdamador ; steve.bannister ; graham.hall ; alwyn.vandermerwe ; henryk.ratajczak ; croca ; dwlindstrom ; cr1460solarinc ; sean ; norpag ; kp.phys ; mail ; rob ; thenarmis ; Alwyn.VanDerMerwe ; dendavis ; daphne ; k.pendergast ; mcp358 ; russdavis1234 ; dewi.lewis1 ; wsd ; arthur.turnerthomas ; sianifan ; meirion66 ; save.the.eagles2 ; vivswaby

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Yes, we know who most of them are: dblake, for instance, is (was?) somebody in the government and thenarmis is Crothers (aka the Public Defective, aka Sam Spade)

  2. Medal Lion Says:

    Who is Sian Ifan? Her name sounds Welsh.

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