Oh Vanity, Thy Name is Myron

Updated Marquis SciEng Entry 2016 / 2017

August 6, 2016

This is my thirty third entry in “Marquis Who’s Who” since 1999. Marquis was founded in Chicago in 1899 and is the world’s leading reference vehicle. For example it lists the President, Supreme Court and Congress. It lists my nominations for the major prizes: the Nobel Prize, Wolf Prize, Priestley Medal, various Medals of the Royal Society and so on. These are like Oscar Nominations, as good as the award itself because there are so many excellent scientists. I am deeply indebted to international nominators and supporters. The entry lists my world record number of Fellowships, and when it comes to publications it just mentions “numerous”. There are about 1900 at present (attached list of most prolific authors). I have also been nominated for a knighthood, and this came through , effectively, in 2008, when I won my coat of arms and became a Member of the Gentry of Wales.”

Whatever it was originally intended to be, Marquis is now just a vanity publication. You should be more blatant, and tell them outright that you have a knighthood, Nobel Prize, etc.; they will not check. Don’t be so retiring: you are not slow to tell everyone that you are a Lord, and that is also untrue. You cannot compete with real scientists, but you can compete with the other crackpots listed by Marquis, such as ‘Dr’ Bearden, ‘Dr’ Valone and ‘Professor’ Searl!


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