Vivat Condorcet

Electoral Dictatorship

August 11, 2016

On past experience the minister will ignore my e mail in a process of electoral dictatorship, which is why I call for a referendum in Gwy^r or Gower. This would have wind turbines stopped and those on Betws demolished. The old form of rule by my ancestor Gruffudd Arglwydd Gw^yr was democratic (Gruffudd Lord of Gower). If he ignored his People he would have been overthrown very quickly. The e mail from yourself was the first time I had ever received any kind of reply from an M. P. or A. M. for Gw^yr. So I am giving the Assembly valuable information on new energy. If it ignores that it will be unconscionable neglect, we will land up in a junkyard and the benefits of new energy will be taken up by other countries. As a minister for health you must be aware that wind turbines are harmful to health.”

Do you even understand how democracy works, Ron?  It gives the majority what it wants; not necessarily what you want. At the moment, 48% of the population is unhappy with the Brexit result; and that was the fault of your precious referendum method! Just imagine what it would be like if stupid people (those with IQ’s less than the national average) were allowed to vote on every governmental problem. To get technical about elections in general: it has been known for over 300 years that an election involving 3 or more candidates cannot guarantee a result that truly reflects the preferences of the voting population. It has been known for over 50 years that there is no voting system at all which can avoid the latter problem … apart from a dictatorship. And those are mathematical proofs, Ron, imagine that. You would have to imagine, Ron, because you will not even have heard of the branch of mathematics that is required for the second proof.


3 Responses to “Vivat Condorcet”

  1. County Councillor Ioan Richard Says:

    I wonder if Evans votes for me?

  2. Frank Brown Says:

    I read this blog and Ron’s blog for posts like these where he shows how awkward and unpersuasive he is when interacting with government. He is pretty clueless at how government at any level works.

    His new AM apparently doesn’t know his reputation yet. Until his “electoral dictatorship” meltdown, he was getting legitimate responses from her, most likely personally. He definitely wasn’t being fobbed off. Some poor welsh civil servant was going to have to write him a letter on the Government’s position on supporting “emerging forms” of energy generation.

    I am a senior civil servant who looks after a utility (not energy in Wales though). We all have our own nutters like Ron. They provide the office’s entertainment.

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