Better and Better!

Osamu Ide Submission Accepted

August 12, 2016

Congratulations in turn to Osamu Ide, presumably the Westminster Government has read UFT311, which matches the circuit perfectly with ECE theory. Congress in Washington has been looking in to LENR, so there is progress all round. As a reasonable member of the Government in Wales, Co President Gareth Evans can presumably bring this matter up in the next Clean Air Forum. As a Member of the Gentry and a Bevanite socialist I am not prepared to recognize UKIP, or ever work with it in any way, so I hope that all here can steer clear of them and work for its elimination. As a U. S. citizen I know that Washington is not happy with UKIP because of their far right, destabilizing activities, and not happy with the panicky withdrawal from the European Union. There is a great deal of severe criticism of the Assembly’s fixation with wind turbines.”

Our author-friend hopes very much that this is true about Ideotic; it will help to make his book (about ‘bad physics in high places’) a sure-fire best-seller. He already thought that he was ‘on a winner’ with the UK government’s funding of the fatuous Shawyer Emdrive, not to mention the invitation from the House of Lords to have perpetual-motion conman Stanley Meyer explain to that august body his ‘car that ran on water’ (don’t laugh: that bunch of scientific thickoes once debated the existence of flying-saucers!). But Shawyer’s development company is already essentially bankrupt, and Meyer was indicted for fraud (and then died) before he could make it to the House, so those cases lack immediate currency. How nice it will be to have a new and embarrassing pseudoscientific fiasco brewing around publication time. How delightful it will be to see the only Civil-List Scientist, a ‘scientific adviser’ to a County Council and ‘Gari’ (a sometime government spook) outed as pseudoscientific imbeciles.


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