Hotting-Up Nicely

Summary by Gareth Evans

August 12, 2016″

FOR POSTING: Ph. D. Dissertation of Dr. Stephen Bannister, University of Utah

August 12, 2016″

Excellent! So now our author-friend has a copy of a letter from a former County Council ‘expert’, written to a sitting AM charged with handling energy-matters, which praises all manner of perpetual-motion crackpots and conmen. And, as a bonus, he also has a copy of a letter from an American ‘Professor’ of Economics (albeit one in Utah) which is admiring of an incompetent Japanese ‘engineer’ who has been hawking his supposed ‘over-unity’ device around for over 20 years.  Note the implacable arrogance of these people: they are so deluded (to the point of mental illness in some cases) that they will happily trundle over a precipice, and into a pit of public ridicule, without even noticing. Do they even need a push?


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