A Whole New Chapter!

FOR POSTING: Commons Select Committee Accepts Energy from Spacetime (ES)

August 16, 2016

A House of Commons select committee has accepted evidence from Osamu Ide concerning his circuit designs, which take energy from spacetime and UFT311 by Horst Eckardt amd Kurt Arenhold. This source of energy cannot be depleted and the process is completely free of pollution. The Committee has also accepted ECE as a valid theory of physics and new energy engineering. This is a great sea change in attitude which has taken place in the past decade or so, and coincides with a huge amount of international interest in ECE theory. So congratulations to all concerned, and to all staffs of AIAS and UPITEC. Steve Bannister’s excellent Ph. D. Thesis ably describes the revolutionary impact of ES.”

Our author-friend is ‘hoping-against-hope’ that at least some of this may be true. But given the nature of its source, we do not hold out much hope. Nevertheless it would be delightfully embarrassing if the government actually threw money at Ide, in the same way that it threw money at Roger Shawyer and Peter Searl  (John Searl’s brother). Of course, Shawyer’s company is now massively in debt and Searl’s company closed down as soon as it got the £40000 hand-out (the quango which handed it out was then itself closed down … one wonders why).  Ron has certainly learned from his hero (and the hero of all pseudoscientific conmen), Nikola Tesla. Tesla routinely told fantastic lies to journalists … and people today still believe them. So Ron feels quite empowered to tell lies in turn: Bannister makes absolutely no mention of energy from spacetime: if he had done, he would not have got a doctorate, not even in Utah (a state founded on the ‘principles’ of a religious maniac and financial conman). Bannister sometimes mentions space and time in the same sentence, but only in the conventional (separated) sense. He of course mentions ‘energy’ very frequently, but nowhere is there the slightest hint of a belief  in alternative crackpot sources. Did you not in fact read the thesis that you put your name to as a panelist? Or do you really think that you can just say anything, and people will trust you? Still, keep on this Ide governmental track and there is a much-improved chance that you will lose your pension when it all blows up.


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