Out of the Woodwork

FOR POSTING: Commons Select Committee Accepts Energy from Spacetime (ES)

August 16, 2016

A House of Commons select committee has accepted evidence from Osamu Ide concerning his circuit designs, which take energy from spacetime and UFT311 by Horst Eckardt amd Kurt Arenhold. This source of energy cannot be depleted and the process is completely free of pollution. The Committee has also accepted ECE as a valid theory of physics and new energy engineering.”

Now we are wondering why Ron is so proud of this. A cursory perusal of the other submissions reveals that a considerable number are from other cold-fusion/LENR loonies and conmen. This always happens when an organisation invites suggestions from all-comers. It happened some years ago with the General Electric Ecomagination competition. A very large proportion of the entries proposed classic perpetual motion machines (such as a windmill-on-a-truck which could be driven around if there was no wind!) and silly ‘energy-harvesting’ schemes such as putting wind-turbines in railway tunnels or rollers in roads. Such schemes are not – strictly speaking – contrary to the laws of physics. However, they do not really produce ‘new energy’; they simply purloin energy that somebody else has paid for. Ron’s crooked friend John Searl tried very hard to screw money out of GE. This attempt was seriously impaired by an international group of very nasty skeptics which harried him at every turn. Sounds familiar, Ron? 


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