Going Backwards?

Higher Order Partial Differential Equation

August 17, 2016

Thanks for this remark. Note 355(4) has boiled things down to a solution of a higher order partial differential equation (6) and a couple of simple equations (5) and (13). The aim should be to find a stable solution for Eq. (6) for realistic boundary conditions. Eq. (6) does not look too terrible and Horst has already found some good solutions.”

Why is it proving so difficult nowadays to fiddle the figures provide theoretical backup for perpetual-motion machines, and why are the devices becoming more unstable? Time was when you and your gang could offer closed-form mathematical explanations for ‘Dr’ Bearden’s Motionless Electromagnetic Generator. It supposedly produced a steady output which was greater than the input. And what about those gadgets that Hill-of-Beans supposedly sells to famous companies out of a Mexican hovel? They must be reliable mustn’t they? How many types of perpetual-motion machine does the world need anyway? We wonder what Kambe thinks of the use to which you are putting his equations. We shall have to ask him.


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