Who Loves Crothers?

Stephen Crothers’ Chapter.

August 17, 2016

Many thanks, I am sure that this is an excellent chapter as usual, and a much needed criticism of meaningless dogma. I am forwarding to Horst to merge into the rest of PECE as chapter nine. Unfortunately my system cannot read this format but I will proof read carefully after it is merged as chapter nine and sent back to me. It is already a very popular book and Stephen is by now world famous.”

Here is a touching story: S.Crothers, aka the Public Defective, is involved in a heart-warming bromance with a hard-rock pop-star,


And the two of them can discuss physics on an equal level! Who’s your Daddy?


2 Responses to “Who Loves Crothers?”

  1. Interested Observer Says:

    The Crothers chapter is the same nonsense he’s been spouting for the last decade, i.e. it ‘refutes’ GR by means of inelegantly convoluted and incorrect mathematics. There are also a few schoolboy howlers, e.g. his oft-repeated line that ‘black-hole universes and big bang universes are mutually exclusive’, based on the fact that the calculations for each make different assumptions about the number of masses, presence or otherwise of expansion, etc. It’s almost as if he doesn’t understand the most basic principles of modelling the universe, or that separate well-established laws routinely make assumptions which are mutually exclusive without compromising the physical accuracy of their results.

    The more interesting question is why his chapter of rubbish relativity, which has nothing to do with Evans’ ‘theory’, is included in a volume entitled ‘Principles of ECE Theory’. Crothers is on record as saying ‘I have no knowledge of the theory of Prof. Myron Evans’ – check out the comments on this web page:


    And yet several years before writing this comment, the charlatan Crothers was welcomed into the bosom of AIAS and awarded a fake PhD by Evans’ fake university. Is Ron aware that he has been publicly repudiated by the toxic Tasmanian?

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      This is a commonly observed phenomenon: crackpots of all ilks cleave together to fight the common enemy of ‘scientific orthodoxy’, and the groupings are stable because they dare not criticize each other. Skeptical groups on the other hand tend to split up easily because their enemies are so diverse and the members are wary even of each others’ credentials: physicists, for example, are often scathing re philosophers. When CSICOP first formed, it quickly split into two groups: the Zetetic splinter group was revealed to comprise ‘closet-cranks’.

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