Ron Pulls Ahead

The current ratings (of site-position in order of solicitation), according to, are:

Ron: 3,325,312

Us: 4,097,301 8,518,438 >30,000,000 >30,000,000

Don’t forget, ‘big is bad’ here. Shouldn’t a company which supposedly sells perpetual-motion machines to Fortune-50 enterprises be more popular than that? And just look at what an expert conman, who does not even have a perpetual-motion machine to sell , can achieve: 1,797,444





2 Responses to “Ron Pulls Ahead”

  1. Interested Observer Says:

    Things seem to be a bit quiet on the Ron front recently (maybe Crackpotwatch is on holiday?), so here’s a gem from the other side of the pond.

    Miles Mathis, king of the crackpots, has updated his famous – nay, epoch-defining – paper in which he ‘proves’ that pi = 4.

    It transpires that the manufacturers of surveyors’ wheels are involved in a global conspiracy to suppress the true value of pi:

    “One of my readers suggested an easy proof of pi=4 using a surveyor’s wheel. That is one of those rolling distance measurers, with a handle. He said that since it was a rolling wheel, exactly like a cycloid, they must use cycloid math to give you the number you read on the meter. Since I have never used one, I checked, and they don’t use cycloid math, they use pi. That’s very curious, wouldn’t you say? It looks like a cover up to me.”

    He also claims that athletes running a circuit of a standard track are running further than 400 metres, because pi = 4.

    Has it not occurred to him that scientists – real ones, not failed artists typing drivel from a hut in the desert – have actually measured the distance covered by moving bodies travelling in a circle? There’s no lack of data refuting his nonsense.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      We are not exactly ‘on holiday’, we are holding our AGM. There has also been little to say recently, without repeating ourselves. That is, Ron is bent on finding a theoretical ‘explanation’ for non-existent ‘results’: it is the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator all over again. Ron will eventually drop Ideotic, just as he did Bearden and the MEG. On the subject of MM and cycloids, we are always surprised that he has never brought up that old trick question about rolling a coin around an identical coin: the rolled coin rotates twice as much as one expects. It would be nice to devise some sort of critical experiment for MM, along the lines of Schroedinger’s Cat. Perhaps some sort of neck-tourniquet in which he survives if Pi = 4, but dies if it is not.

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