That Figures!

Contact Information for An Domhnall

August 18, 2016

This is 001 212 832 2000 , Donald Trump, 725 5th Avenue, NY, NY 10022, USA. His attorneys are Manatt, Phelps and Phillips, 11355 West Olympic Boulevard, LA, CA 90064, USA, tel. 001 310 312 4000. In the law of England and Wales, the Court of Appeal in March 2012 ruled that common law injunctions filed for public nuisance over-ride claimed compliance with environmental laws. In the case of Mynydd y Gwair and Betws there is gross violation of environment laws and gross nuisance. There is also violation of human rights laws.”

If one was to have asked oneself, as a theoretical question, what sort of politician Ron would naturally cleave to, the answer was really quite obvious: An Oafish Demagogue!


4 Responses to “That Figures!”

  1. Interested Observer Says:

    I am stating the obvious here, but who does Ron think he’s kidding when he boasts about some institution or other looking at his website? In a bored moment I had a browse of his much-vaunted scientometrics. The pattern is painfully clear. Most of the hits from top-ranking universities are one-offs: a single paper is downloaded, and then there is total silence for weeks or even months. And those individual papers are utterly incomprehensible on their own – anybody hoping to understand them would have to plough through dozens of Ron’s earlier papers to understand what the hell he’s on about. All the evidence points to individuals stumbling across his site on Google, clicking on the link and realising what they are reading is junk. If anybody was ‘studying’ his work the same paper, and others, would be downloaded multiple times from the same institution. That simply isn’t happening. Because his website is large and full of highly specific technical terms he naturally gets a lot of web traffic from search engines; the people searching for such terms tend to be those with an academic interest in the subject. But these hits are meaningless, and to attach any significance to them is just perverse.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      As the Amazon reviewer of his scientometrics book points out, he has already creamed-off ‘acceptable’ visitors and discards the 98% of hits which arise from sources which, in an email situation, would be termed ‘spam’. Then there is our venerable ‘boss-button’ theory, which says that academic surfers who are watching porn during work-time, have a preset button which immediately takes them to Why the latter, and not a real science-site? Because being found looking at a loony site will cover up any lingering traces of arousal, and a flushed face will then look like mere professional embarrassment.

  2. Aeron Vea Says:

    I am in Swansea for the August Bank Holiday but have failed to make it up to see the villages of Mawr. Do you have a Bus Time Table Crackpotwatch?

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