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That Will Be A First!

September 27, 2016

Check Before Submitting for Publication

September 27, 2016

I would just like to check that this is the final version with back page material added. It will be submitted at the end of the month as a joint venture publication with the leading British venture publisher, “New Generation” of London.”

Well, you never have done, so far, with the book. And now the cover-blurb is defective as well. You really do despise your audience, don’t you? You think that you can foist any nonsense on them.


Ron’s Latest Friend

September 25, 2016

Video Interview

September 23, 2016

Dear Dr. Anderton,

My main e mail address is emyrone at aol dot com. Prof Amoroso had mentioned to me that I had been nominated a few times for a Nobel Prize for the B(3) field. The Einstein theory has been refuted in very many ways as described and and these refutations have been accepted internationally for well over a decade. See for example UFT88, 99, 109, 313 and 354, and the monographs: “The Principles of ECE” and “Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation”, among numerous other refutations of the great Einstein theory of relativity. These are rigorously logical refutations that have generated intense interest in all the best universities, institutes and similar in the world for many years. There have been millions of readings of ECE theory, possibly tens of millions. It is true that ECE and ECE2 are theories that emerged from the B(3) field, which was inferred at Cornell Theory Center in 1991 and published in 1992. In 1993 my co author and good friend, the late Jean-Pierre Vigier, recognized that B(3) means non zero photon mass. As you know Vigier dedicated his life work to photon mass, following Henri Poincare and Louis de Broglie.”

Is it really worth our while to point out that ‘Dr’ Anderton is just as much a crackpot as Ron? We mentioned long ago (26th March 2014) that Anderton is just another Tesla-worshipping anti-Einstein loony:

Unless Anderton has fallen on hard times, why would an academic be sharing his home address with a jobbing printer and other back-street enterprises? He is no doubt just as much a ‘Dr’ as Ron is a ‘professor’.



September 14, 2016

Discussion of 357(4).

September 14, 2016

Many thanks again, much appreciated as ever. The calculation by Bethe in a sense led to quantum electrodynamics, which was described by Feynman himself as a “dippy theory”. The new explanation has no adjustables, unknowables or renormalization. Lamb, Bethe and Feynman were all Nobel Laureates.”

Feynman had a dippy theory which works: he also called it ‘the jewel of physics’. You have a moronic theory which is hardly worthy of the term, ‘theory’. Here is Feynman, describing his theory:

We like the bit, from about seven minutes in, where he dismisses chemistry as being just an aspect of physics … just as you are just a minor aspect of the lunatic fringe. 

More from Atlantis Rising

September 14, 2016

Tiny Tornadoes of Magnetism—Keys to Free Energy?

What a wealth of crank-connections we have here*: the totally unprincipled Jeanne Manning (if she backs it one can be sure that it is utter claptrap) was at that recent conference at which Lindy Lindstrom presented the AIAS tripe. Floyd ‘sparky’ Sweet was a great pal of ‘Dr’ Bearden (former AIAS member, whose MEG perpetual-motion machine was ‘explained’ by Ron and his loony gang). Then there is Bedini, often mentioned by Ron, who sells plans for the construction of perpetual-motion machines but, due obviously to the stupidity of the buyers, they never quite work.  And then there are Brian Ahern and the late Arthur Manelas: Ahern is one of those, like Ideotic, who is currently  trying to fool politicians. And why would they not be fooled? Superficially at least, Ahern looks quite the part re qualifications and employment. Only skeptical physicists can see the pseudoscience-sickness which lies within these people. 

  • The one name which really should not be there is that of Gabriel Kron. He was quite brilliant, but generations of loonies have consistently misinterpreted and misused his concept of ‘negative resistance’.

Ideotic Runs Away

September 14, 2016

FOR POSTING: Three Conference Papers by Osamu Ide

September 13, 2016

The importance of these papers for new energy cannot be overestimated, they show that energy from spacetime (ES) is a practical possibility. Millions of these circuits can be assembled into power stations with no moving parts. UFT311 on demonstrates precise agreement of ECE theory with some of these all important data. ES is orders of magnitude more efficient than wind turbines or any fossil fuel burning power station. Eventually it will make all other forms of power production obsolete. Currently a submission by Osamu Ide is being considered by a House of Commons select committee on new energy. Details of the circuit and a photograph are given. See also www.et3m.netand, as well as”

Thanks for those papers, Ron, anything which makes chemists look stupid is grist to our mill. After all, it was an incompetent Royal chemical society which thought that a deluded crank like yourself was a suitable candidate for a coveted Civil List pension. Our readers will appreciate that the ACS is also a ‘bit thick’ in accepting the Ideotic nonsense. It is a favourite trick of the pseudoscientist to present his results as being merely ‘anomalous’ at a reputable conference, or in a peer-reviewed journal, and then tell suckers that the anomaly is really ‘energy from nowhere’. But Ideotic has been using this same ploy for some 20 years! How useless does someone have to be to be unable, after two decades,  to track down an anomaly in a trivial electrical circuit?  One of the papers is clearly dubious in the eyes of the seasoned debunker: why does it say ‘PhD’ in brackets after one of the author-names. Academic qualifications are now never listed in academic publications. Using ‘PhD’ like that is the same as putting it (or ‘Dr’) on the cover of a book; it is a sure sign that the author is trying to sell the reader a bill of goods.  Atlantis Rising is a magazine, for the mentally challenged, which is so unhinged that it makes Fortean Times or Nexus look like The Times. While describing another outing of Ideotic, five years ago, it put a rather strange spin on his behaviour at that time:

Stunning Possibilites Emerge for New Energy

In what sense was it ‘dignified behaviour’ to skip off to a different continent as soon as an earthquake hit Japan? Don’t forget, Ron, that (as we pointed out in our recent  ‘Sock Puppets’ post) Ideotic is just one of a large bunch of cranks which is attempting to deceive UK politicians.


Turner-Thomas News

September 9, 2016

As we reported previously, he has dropped the ‘Thomas’ and, as simple Sir Arthur Edwin Turner VC,  now runs the Red Kite and Jewels company and Ebay shop. He is also a noted celebrity in Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen; far out-shining Ron’s favourite, Dame Siân Phillips. The latest news is that he has acquired some new titles:

The entry of interest is: “Hon. Col. Sir Arthur Edwin Turner V.C., G.C., K.G. (Wales) (1992), K.C.B. (1992), K.C.V.O. (1992), D.S.O., R.R.C. was born on 25 Oct 1958 in Aldershot Army Hospital, Aldershot, Hampshire, England. He died Living. ” The DSO is well-known, but we are unable to explain RRC. Any suggestions? There is also an apparent misprint at the end: surely that should read, “He died lying“.