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Tiny Tornadoes of Magnetism—Keys to Free Energy?

What a wealth of crank-connections we have here*: the totally unprincipled Jeanne Manning (if she backs it one can be sure that it is utter claptrap) was at that recent conference at which Lindy Lindstrom presented the AIAS tripe. Floyd ‘sparky’ Sweet was a great pal of ‘Dr’ Bearden (former AIAS member, whose MEG perpetual-motion machine was ‘explained’ by Ron and his loony gang). Then there is Bedini, often mentioned by Ron, who sells plans for the construction of perpetual-motion machines but, due obviously to the stupidity of the buyers, they never quite work.  And then there are Brian Ahern and the late Arthur Manelas: Ahern is one of those, like Ideotic, who is currently  trying to fool politicians. And why would they not be fooled? Superficially at least, Ahern looks quite the part re qualifications and employment. Only skeptical physicists can see the pseudoscience-sickness which lies within these people. 

  • The one name which really should not be there is that of Gabriel Kron. He was quite brilliant, but generations of loonies have consistently misinterpreted and misused his concept of ‘negative resistance’.

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