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Video Interview

September 23, 2016

Dear Dr. Anderton,

My main e mail address is emyrone at aol dot com. Prof Amoroso had mentioned to me that I had been nominated a few times for a Nobel Prize for the B(3) field. The Einstein theory has been refuted in very many ways as described and and these refutations have been accepted internationally for well over a decade. See for example UFT88, 99, 109, 313 and 354, and the monographs: “The Principles of ECE” and “Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation”, among numerous other refutations of the great Einstein theory of relativity. These are rigorously logical refutations that have generated intense interest in all the best universities, institutes and similar in the world for many years. There have been millions of readings of ECE theory, possibly tens of millions. It is true that ECE and ECE2 are theories that emerged from the B(3) field, which was inferred at Cornell Theory Center in 1991 and published in 1992. In 1993 my co author and good friend, the late Jean-Pierre Vigier, recognized that B(3) means non zero photon mass. As you know Vigier dedicated his life work to photon mass, following Henri Poincare and Louis de Broglie.”

Is it really worth our while to point out that ‘Dr’ Anderton is just as much a crackpot as Ron? We mentioned long ago (26th March 2014) that Anderton is just another Tesla-worshipping anti-Einstein loony:

Unless Anderton has fallen on hard times, why would an academic be sharing his home address with a jobbing printer and other back-street enterprises? He is no doubt just as much a ‘Dr’ as Ron is a ‘professor’.



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