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Desperate Back-Peddling

October 28, 2016

Caution about Site

October 28, 2016

No I have adopted the rule that if people send me off topic articles out of the blue I send them out to the group, especially when they make no attempt to apply ECE theory or even to refer to it, when essentially every one else in the scientific world knows about the new avant garde physics. The group is not obliged to read this stuff because by now it is made up of world leading scientists and engineers of integrity. Posting of this type of article on the blog does not mean I approve of it. The blog is a diary, or record of daily events. I am not a creationist but know Genesis 1.1 “Yn y dechreuad y creodd Duw y nefoedd a’r ddaear”. This is the first book of Moses known as Genesis. It is obviously prose poetry, not literal. I have every respect for genuine piety but that should not be based on a literal interpretation. There is also Ioan 1: “Yn y dechreaud yr oedd y Gair, a’r Gair oedd Duw, a Duw oedd y Gair.” Hawking is a creationist, which is why big bang was devised. It is scientific nonsense. Yn y dechreuad yr oedd Hawking, a’r Gair oedd Hawking, a Hawking oedd y Gair.” why should the universe have a beginning?”

Haha. As if that were the only loony website that Ron has brought to the attention of the ECE ‘scholars’. It is so rarely that anyone outside of the ‘Acquired Idiocy Asinine Society’ contacts him, that he is pathetically grateful for any crumb of comfort from the outside world. And now he thinks that Hawking is a creationist? Where exactly does Hawking date the Big Bang (a term coined by a rabid pseudoscientist by the way – what irony) to 4004BCE? On a related note, Ron, how does one render in Welsh that passage where Moses demands the ‘first go’, ahead of his generals, on any underage girls captured after a battle and after the slaughter of all of the male losers. And this is the book that is taught in Sunday school and the book that some people swear on in court? No wonder that ‘the church’ attracts so many perverts.


A Pinch of Salt Lake City

October 27, 2016

Suggested Monograph by Steve Bannister: “The Second Industrial Revolution”

October 26, 2016

AIAS Fellow Dr. Stephen Bannister is a development economist in the University of Utah and wrote his Ph. D. Thesis on the second industrial revolution expected to take place with the implementation of ES (Energy from Spacetime) and LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Rections).”

No, he did not! If he had mentioned any of those concepts he would never have got the doctorate, even in Utah: we may think of it as being the ‘[bats in] belfry’ state … but others still call it the ‘beehive’ state. Were you not some sort of external examiner for that thesis? Did you even read it?



October 27, 2016


October 26, 2016

Yes we would have easily have carried out this experiment there. I think that your experimentation with Trevor is excellent, and just take it easy and pull out the biro when you feel like it. We are a bunch of friends here and all my suggestions are just that, suggestions.”

Evans-the-Sewage mentioned that ‘retirement looms’. We thought that he had already retired. So we wonder again: just how many of those frequent lap-dog e-mails to Ron were sent during work-time while Sewage was being paid out of the public purse? 

Goebbels Would Be Proud

October 27, 2016

High Resolution Version of Cover

October 27, 2016

Many thanks! I am forwarding to Sam at New Generation.”

But it is still not good enough for a cover; how can you all miss that error … again and again? And Dr G. would have admired the way in which you again state all of those lies as if they were the truth. When did Siemens Stain become a chemist, by the way?  Still, we delight in the way in which you insist on commemorating your delusions in concrete form. When all electronic traces of your drivel have vanished, there will still be perhaps a printed version rotting in the open-air honesty bookshops of Hay-on-Wye. That will not mean a lot to most readers, but Ron will feel the slight and he can explain it to his Commonwealth collaborators.


Electrifying … Not!

October 27, 2016

Plasma and modern cosmology

October 27, 2016

Agreed in a sense because of triple unification of electrodynamics, gravitation and fluid dynamics with ECE2. There is no longer any philosophical difference between electrodynamics, gravitation and fluid dynamics. The moving frame of paper UFT360 just posted is spacetime itself, (aether or vacuum). The plasma universe goes back many years but now we are seeing how it is structured through a unified field theory.”

So Ron has finally bought-in to the major branch of pseudoscience known as the ‘Electric Universe’.

This nonsense was thought up by people who simply cannot comprehend that the universe is structured by gravity, even though the latter is some


times weaker than the other fundamental forces. This will make Ron a junior partner however because former AIAS loony, Dunging-Davies, is one of the ringleaders.  Perhaps that is why Ron agrees only ‘in a sense’.

A Bit of a Devil

October 25, 2016

One enthusiastically negative reviewer (nothing to do with us) has been taking an interest in the oeuvre of Ron:


Asking the Right Questions

October 24, 2016

FOR POSTING Perfect Health

October 22, 2016

It is well known that a lot of mindless libel has been disseminated on the net about my health. Apparently this is part of troll activity directed against me personally because of my views on physics. These are radically new and making a tremendous impact worldwide. Apparently a few people, some of them local and wholly unscientific, don’t like ideas or impact, or achievement of any kind. So I went through a voluntary government assessment about a month ago and was found to be in perfect health. I am giving a few details which is normally confidential to me, in order to shut up the gossip once and forever. There were no impairments noted at the Government assessment, no functional restrictions displayed. My mood was stable throughout and there is no medical evidence to suggest any illness, physical or psychological. I handled papers without difficulty, displayed good eye contact and had adequate interaction with the assessor. There was no evidence of cognitive, intellect or memory impairment and I can plan and follow the route of a journey unaided. This is consistent with my medical history files and how I was able to engage with the assessor. My mental state examination results show no illness of any kind, and my visual results with new glasses about three weeks old show essentially perfect vision.”

This is very important in both science and medicine (although one always has to bear in mind that medical ‘doctors’ rarely hold a higher academic degree than a bachelors). Are the bog-standard questions which are aimed mainly at spotting work-dodgers and fake benefit claimants really adequate to detect a Napoleon Complex or other profound malady? Our questions would have been:

Do you believe yourself to be one of the world’s greatest scientists, even though nobody cites your work in the scientific literature or shows any other sign of using it?

Do you believe your medals and scientific papers to be very valuable, even though you have twice tried to sell them with zero success? (If you know a professional economist, ask him to explain the ‘theory of value’ to you; assuming that he is not himself a crackpot).

Do you claim to have theoretical proof that various confidence tricksters really do possess viable perpetual-motion machines?

Have you recommended that HM Government should invest in the development of one of those machines; specifically a never-seen cancer-curing levitating perpetual-motion machine supposedly constructed by a forger, deserter, petty thief and criminal vandal when he was a teenager some 70 years ago?

Have you used HM’s treasury, certainly without permission, as your affiliation for your supposedly ‘scientific’ papers? 

Do you have an accomplice who has proclaimed, on internet radio, that Einstein was an anti-Tesla tool of the Rockefellers and that Einstein and Cartan helped the Nazis to build anti-gravity flying saucers AND, when you had the opportunity to deny these ludicrous claims on the same radio show, did you fail to do so?

Have you suggested that the Bessler Wheel, a fraudulent energy-producing device which was exposed centuries ago, was actually a viable device?

Have you illegally backed supposed (i.e. quack) cancer-cures, quite contrary to UK law?

Do you believe yourself to be a member of the British aristocracy, even though the College-of-Arms will happily tell any inquirer that you are certainly not?

Do you take on feudal titles simply because you feel like it?

Do you try to impede lawful building-work in your environs, while making dubious property claims of your own?

Do you consider yourself to be an uncrowned king, and decoration, of your community, even though the evidence is that the community is more inclined to think you a pariah?

Have you committed acts of sedition by proposing the secession of Wales from the UK and its nuclear protection by a foreign power?

Do you routinely exhibit ‘transference’; that is, do you routinely accuse others (‘trolls’) of lying (your own defect) when they merely ‘speak as they find’ and have overwhelming proof to back up such free speech?

We could go on, and on, and on, but you get the idea. Perhaps our readers could suggest some supplementary questions. 




Set in Stone

October 21, 2016

FOR POSTING: Hardback Version of “The Principles of ECE”

October 21, 2016

I am most grateful to my friend and colleague Dr Horst Eckardt for sending me a copy. It is excellently produced in hardback in good quality paper, 288 pages with illustrations. 2 000034 590421 0001.”

Are we to take it that the sloppy item which you posted for free on your blog has now been turned – uncorrected  – into just so much waste paper? Perhaps anyone who comes upon the printed version could check for us. For example, look for the misspellings of electro which occur in the table-of-contents, in a chapter-heading, in the text, in page headings and in the index. A quality piece-of-work, or at least one which reflects the ‘quality’ of everyone involved!

Still Fitting Only Where It Touches

October 21, 2016

The Major Advance in Understanding

October 21, 2016

The Hooke Newton inverse square law can describe ANY orbit in the relevant moving coordinate system. The acceleration is the convective or Lagrange derivative of the orbital velocity. The Lagrangian dervivative is, self consistently, the derivative taken with respect to a moving coordinate system.”

For those who have not  realized it yet: Ron has never done any real science. He has never explained a puzzling phenomenon, he has never carefully sifted evidence in order to clarify cause and effect. All that he did, even in his pre-breakdown days, was ‘glorified curve-fitting’; at best, the mathematical modelling of the results of others. He has carried that habit over into his crackpot life. He finds an analogy which works  … up to a point and hides the failure of the analogy in other areas. He ‘double-counts’: he uses data to concoct a theory, and then uses the same data to confirm it! That is the biggest no-no in experimental science – quite contrary to the ethos of Bacon, which he claims to worship. As we have pointed out again and again in the past, it is all very well to find a model which simulates orbital motion (Hooke did it with a gutta-percha cone), but that alone  is a sterile model. It leads nowhere. So we ask yet again, Ron, how does your ‘theory’ explain tides? How does it explain the Roche limit (the radius at which a large gravitating body will tear apart a smaller body which approaches it)? A real scientific theory, like general relativity, leads on to more and more unexpected phenomena which can be tested experimentally. Your ‘great work’ is just a joke which is laughed at by all but you and other crackpots.

Geographical Note

October 20, 2016

Idaho Hydroelectric and Geothermal Power

October 20, 2016

This is a very sensible solution to power, the wind turbines are minor contributions. The State must be bigger than all of Europe.”

It is smaller than the UK, you twerp. You trump Trump in the lying stakes!

Encroaching Senility?

October 19, 2016

FOR POSTING: Current Medal Evaluation

October 19, 2016

The valuation is based on a 2015 valuation by Mattey Buyers – a third of the Nobel Prize each for the Meldola Medal and Harrison Memorial Prize. The Nobel Prize is currently eight million Swedish kronor or £736,000 pounds at today’s exchange rate. So each medal is valued at £245,333, a total of £490,666. The other medals in the collection are estimated at about £50,000.”

Ron, do you know what day it is? The year? Who is the current Prime Minister? Try to remember these three items: soap, water, razor. Now, don’t you remember that you have already tried to auction those medals? Nobody was interested. Do you not remember that? You also tried to sell your papers on Ebay, with a starting-price in the millions. Nobody was interested. Have you forgotten all of that? Can you remember the three items that we asked you to memorize earlier? Can you not recall those either? Hmm, is your carer nearby …? 

Isn’t That Frightening?

October 19, 2016

Congratulations to Sean MacLachlan

October 19, 2016

Congratulations! One day they will travel without burning any fuel, using ES technology, part of Steve Bannister’s second industrial revolution.”

The customers will not know that a loony is behind the scheme. Serves them right: even if one pointed out the nature of his crackpot beliefs they would still not comprehend how ridiculous they are. By the way, when we fly, we are less concerned by the burning of fossil-fuel than by the fact that 99% of pilots do not understand how their planes fly. They all subscribe to the inane ‘Bernoulli explanation’, which has no valid basis in physics. The Wright brothers had a better understanding of the physics of flight than do modern pilots (or engineers, or teachers or …)!

Who Wears the Trousers?

October 16, 2016

FOR POSTING: LENR Report by AIAS Diector Douglas Lindstrom

October 14, 2016

This is an important and well written report by Dr. Douglas Lindstrom on this revolutionary new source of energy, which if implemented would replace wind turbines. It has been discussed by Congress in Washington. Doug Lindstrom has contributed greatly to ECE theory and worked on new materials for the Canadian Government.”

No, it is an incredibly dishonest collection of claptrap which is very sloppily written; he consistently misspells everything, including some ‘(in)famous’ names involved  in the cold-fusion fiasco. As usual, he thinks that interest from ‘reputable’ scientists and organisations elevates cold fusion into fact. It instead reveals the incompetence of those entities … not to mention his own. And who is to be the recipient of this … ugh … document? A bunch of nutters in Stuart (Florida). Magnetic Miles LLC exploits patents by Stephen L Miles which seek to replace the petrol in internal combustion engines by magnets (he has his own mom&pop energy business with a 5-figure turnover). A similar idea has been pursued by AIAS Fellow, Charles ‘the Levitron is an antigravity machine’ Kellum. As the patents also involve moving masses in LRC  circuits, they are also treading on Ideotic’s style of scam. The directors of the Magnetic Miles company, all in their sixties, are a retired accountant, an opthalmologist and the owner of a body-shop (aka repair garage). One of the directors is somewhat of a renaissance-man: not only is his name also on the above patents but he has – in addition – registered his design for … a pair of trousers. This design is assigned to a company called Daydream Believers which … yes, you have guessed correctly … shares its address (and several directors) with that of Magnetic Miles.  On a slightly irrelevant tack, we notice that one of the directors previously worked for a company which specialized in water-treatment; rather like ‘Professor’ Fucilla’s Steriwave. The former company had a turnover in the millions, but is now approaching bankruptcy. Guess what the company’s plan is, to stave off the wolves. It is moving into cannabis production! In other words, just the usual collection of deluded/conniving loonies … plus a faint whiff of sleaze.

Quick Check

October 16, 2016

359(7): A New and General Orbital Dynamics

October 16, 2016

This is given by the new orbital law (4), the orbital acceleration due to gravity (or force between an object m orbiting an object M) is the convective derivative of the orbital velocity of m about M. It is illustrated for planar orbits in the XY plane and for the Newtonian acceleration due to gravity.”

It seems to us that your equation 4 cannot be reconciled with the fundamental dynamic orbital invariant (which also applies to the Bohr atom),

L^2 = GMm^2k

where L, M and m have their usual meanings and k is the length of the semi-focal axis. Of course, you will not be familiar with the above expression because it is missing from standard physics textbooks such as Goldstein … so how can you fiddle your calculations to match laws that you do not even know about? Of course, our conclusion hinges on what g is supposed to be. It is usually the value of gravitational acceleration at a planet’s surface, but your use of it is rather vague.

Suits You Sir!

October 14, 2016

My Choice for Presidency

October 14, 2016

I would choose a third party candidate such as Evan McMullin because the Democrat and Republican candidates are wholly unworthy of a post once held by able presidents”

Just your sort of person, Ron: a former CIA spook from the loony-based state (Utah) who is anti-abortion, anti-gay, pro imprisonment-without-trial and supports ‘border security’.  Why not simply vote for Trump?


October 13, 2016

Nobel Prize for Bob Dylan

October 13, 2016

This will please the sixties generation in particular. He had been nominated many times. At the risk of sounding egotistical, we should keep up the various nominations – the nominations are are all being recorded in Marquis Who’s Who, a new development.”

After this nonsense decision, following hard on the heels of that knighthood for Rod Stewart, perhaps there really is hope for you.  It seems that the ‘great and good’ are no longer very great, and decidedly bad.

Goes Without Saying

October 13, 2016

My Correct Title

October 13, 2016

I almost never stand on ceremony but I should be addressed as “Doctor” in any formal context because I hold the Scientiae Doctor degree of the University of Wales.”

We all know what you are, and what to call you.

A Different Scenario

October 8, 2016

Trespassers Caught by CCTV

October 8, 2016

To PS Gareth Prosser,
Morriston Police Station
My CCTV system recorded wilful obstruction on my tarmac drive yesterday. When I returned from a Lands Tribunal hearing there was a vehicle parked directly on my drive, causing an obstruction. It was a small vehicle whose registration plate has probably been recorded. After a long delay the driver and passenger drove off.”

Alternatively …  imagine that a highly responsible driver, a stranger to the area, needs to answer a cell-phone call, or re-set his GPS system. Not wishing to infringe any traffic laws, he turns off the main road and onto a convenient piece of unoccupied waste ground. Where is the offence?  If you want  to avoid this sort of thing happening in future, Ron, why not get some white paint, demarcate your property and parking space clearly with lines and write the words, INTELLECTUALLY DISABLED AND SOCIALLY INEPT, prominently within those lines.  Job done!