A Different Scenario

Trespassers Caught by CCTV

October 8, 2016

To PS Gareth Prosser,
Morriston Police Station
My CCTV system recorded wilful obstruction on my tarmac drive yesterday. When I returned from a Lands Tribunal hearing there was a vehicle parked directly on my drive, causing an obstruction. It was a small vehicle whose registration plate has probably been recorded. After a long delay the driver and passenger drove off.”

Alternatively …  imagine that a highly responsible driver, a stranger to the area, needs to answer a cell-phone call, or re-set his GPS system. Not wishing to infringe any traffic laws, he turns off the main road and onto a convenient piece of unoccupied waste ground. Where is the offence?  If you want  to avoid this sort of thing happening in future, Ron, why not get some white paint, demarcate your property and parking space clearly with lines and write the words, INTELLECTUALLY DISABLED AND SOCIALLY INEPT, prominently within those lines.  Job done!


One Response to “A Different Scenario”

  1. Aeron Vee Says:

    What a silly billy you are Moron. All the O.S. maps for over a century, all, held clearly in the West Glamorgan Archives, show all the land outside the boundary stone wall (that you Moron erected yourself recently) from 50 Rhyddwen Road, abutting your property to Mountain Road as “roadside waste” land. So Moron your own squatting car parking space is actually an encroachment of public land. I hope you tell the Police this before they take action against you for continuously wasting Police time. Moron the Tribunal has ended. There is nothing more you Moron can say or do, Having spent about £20,000 on legal fees on a wise Solicitor and a clever Barrister Moron your only chance is to succeed on a legal technicality, otherwise Moron you are totally sunk by overwheming truthful evidence.

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