Who Wears the Trousers?

FOR POSTING: LENR Report by AIAS Diector Douglas Lindstrom

October 14, 2016

This is an important and well written report by Dr. Douglas Lindstrom on this revolutionary new source of energy, which if implemented would replace wind turbines. It has been discussed by Congress in Washington. Doug Lindstrom has contributed greatly to ECE theory and worked on new materials for the Canadian Government.”

No, it is an incredibly dishonest collection of claptrap which is very sloppily written; he consistently misspells everything, including some ‘(in)famous’ names involved  in the cold-fusion fiasco. As usual, he thinks that interest from ‘reputable’ scientists and organisations elevates cold fusion into fact. It instead reveals the incompetence of those entities … not to mention his own. And who is to be the recipient of this … ugh … document? A bunch of nutters in Stuart (Florida). Magnetic Miles LLC exploits patents by Stephen L Miles which seek to replace the petrol in internal combustion engines by magnets (he has his own mom&pop energy business with a 5-figure turnover). A similar idea has been pursued by AIAS Fellow, Charles ‘the Levitron is an antigravity machine’ Kellum. As the patents also involve moving masses in LRC  circuits, they are also treading on Ideotic’s style of scam. The directors of the Magnetic Miles company, all in their sixties, are a retired accountant, an opthalmologist and the owner of a body-shop (aka repair garage). One of the directors is somewhat of a renaissance-man: not only is his name also on the above patents but he has – in addition – registered his design for … a pair of trousers. This design is assigned to a company called Daydream Believers which … yes, you have guessed correctly … shares its address (and several directors) with that of Magnetic Miles.  On a slightly irrelevant tack, we notice that one of the directors previously worked for a company which specialized in water-treatment; rather like ‘Professor’ Fucilla’s Steriwave. The former company had a turnover in the millions, but is now approaching bankruptcy. Guess what the company’s plan is, to stave off the wolves. It is moving into cannabis production! In other words, just the usual collection of deluded/conniving loonies … plus a faint whiff of sleaze.


2 Responses to “Who Wears the Trousers?”

  1. Aeron Vee Says:

    What do you think of his latest load of rollocks?
    Quote from MORON himself:-

    My Correct Title
    October 13, 2016
    I almost never stand on ceremony but I should be addressed as “Doctor” in any formal context because I hold the Scientiae Doctor degree of the University of Wales. This is intended as a distinction higher than a personal chair. I am by far the youngest recipient of this degree under modern rules. In the Library of the Houses of Parliament I am referred to as “Professor”. These titles are titles in law because the University of Wales is a legal entity. If people do not know me and call me “Mister” then that is fine, I never bother to correct them, but if they deliberately refuse to recognize the titles they are refusing to recognize the University of Wales in a display of false egalitarianism. Every person who has earned a Ph. D. (which I also hold) should always be addressed as “Doctor” in any context. I am also an Armiger with the rank of Gentleman, earned on merit, in our times that is co equal with Knight or Baron. I think that anyone who has earned a Ph. D. would be deeply offended if people deliberately addressed them as Mr. Earning a Ph. D. means years of hard work. A Knight should be addressed as Sir (first name). A Baron should be addressed as Baron (chosen armigerous title). The title Dr or Prof is used for both genders. The equivalent of Knight is Dame, and the equivalent of Baron is Baroness. In a British Celtic context I am an Uchelwr (of proven descent from the Princes). The title “Mister” does not exist in a British Celtic context, it comes from “Master”, and that is Latin derived. A Gentleman with a coat of arms is a Bonheddwr, a Dame is Bonheddiges. All my friends, long standing professional colleagues, and people in the village address me of course by my first name, as they always have done. My enemies question my genealogy.
    What a load of pretentious “rollocks”! Comments please.
    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< END.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      We seem to remember an entire disgruntled post of his which was all about how somebody had called him ‘Mr’. We noted that the offender had probably been misled by the illiterate nature of Ron’s communication.

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